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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Mrs Sejal Patel Headteacher  
Mr Patrick McLoughlin Deputy Headteacher  
Mrs Bidisha Abdel-All Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs Sue Boyd & Mrs Jane Fuller & Ms Lucy Millar School Office Staff  
Mr Adam Collings Premises Manager  
Mr Steve Cummings Caretaker  
Mrs Carol Madine Housekeeper
Ms Virginia Robles Nursery  
Ms Nazneen Poonawalla Reception Class  
Mrs Judith Barnes Reception Class  
Ms Nadia Sultana Reception Class  
Miss Louise Gallagher 1G  
Miss Tess Johnson 1J  
Ms Charlene Wightman &
Mrs Bidisha Abdel-All
Miss Michelle McHugh & Ms Jane Porteous 2M  
Miss Julie Clements 3C  
Ms Lynne Ogden 3O  
Miss Suzanne Murphy 4M  
Mr Jermaine Gordon 4G  
Miss Sarah Shardlow 5S  
Mr Andy Jones 5J  
Mrs Andrea Best 6B  
Mrs Rebekah Ellis 6E  
Ms Paulla Andreou SENDCO
Miss Sheila Davidson PPA cover Teacher & Spanish  
Ms Jane Porteous PPA cover Teacher  
Ms Dawn Robinson PPA cover Teacher  
Mrs Satinder Bakhshi PPA cover Teacher  
Ms Joy Murphy Reading Recovery Teacher  
Mrs Emma Thompson EAL Support / Language Teacher  
Miss Olivia Gibson Senior Swimming Teacher  
Mr Martin Carter Swimming Teacher  
Mr Adam Collings Swimming Teacher  
Mrs Maria Kallis-Georgiou Learning Mentor  
Mr Paul Nicola Learning Mentor  
Mrs Marisa Manco Cox CAF Co-ordinator (1 day per week)  
Ms Nichola Pyrkos CAF Co-ordinator (1 day per week)  
Mrs Colleen Brown Nursery Officer  
Miss Lauren Gilbert Nursery Officer  
Mrs Kate Belbagi Nursery Officer  
Miss Sian Cowling Nursery Officer  
Mrs Nayan Kothari Numeracy Support  
Mrs Linda Ives Reading Recovery Support  
Mr Harry Zakkour Classroom Assistant Nursery  
Ms Vicky Nicolaou Classroom Assistant Year 1  
Ms Alison Burnham Classroom Assistant Year 1  
Ms Pat Day Classroom Assistant Year 2  
Mrs Jayne Garvey Classroom Assistant Year 2  
Mrs Margaret Lindsay Classroom Assistant Year 3  
Ms Chris Krasniqi Classroom Assistant Year 3  
Mrs Joanna Barkla-Mogford Classroom Assistant Year 4  
Mrs Elaine Wilson Classroom Assistant Year 4  

Mrs Anne Stacey

Mrs Karen Hayhoe

Classroom Assistant Year 5

Classroom Assistant Year 5

Mrs Jayne Scanlon  
Classroom Assistant Year 6  
Mrs Val Stavrinides Classroom Assistant Year 6  
Ms Fran Goddard Classroom Assistant Year 6  
Ms Maureen Conway Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Jan Neighbour Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Elaine Richardson Learning Support Assistant  
Mrs Kamile Taspinar Learning Support Assistant  
Miss Lisa Clark Learning Support Assistant  


Ms Pat Day (senior), Ms Linda Shaw, Mrs Sue King, Mrs Catherine Holleran, Mrs Lynn Edwards,  Mrs Sarah Blott, Mrs Allison Manley, Ms Debbie Foster, Ms Phyllis Noble, Ms Louise Renney, Mrs Linda Shirley, Ms Jackie Booker, Ms Vania Quintas.



Mrs Tina Richardson (cook), Mrs Kanchan Chavda. 



Our Governors play a very important role at Whitings Hill. The Governors are responsible for a wide array of duties ranging from managing the school budget to employing staff to overseeing the curriculum and ensuring the upkeep of the building. Our Governors work very hard for the development of successful learning at Whitings Hill and there are a variety of times during the school year when you can meet them.

All parents receive a copy of the Governors’ Report and are welcome to attend the Governors' Annual Report to Parents meeting. Below is a list of our Governors to date:

Governors LA Governors  
Ms G Theodorou (Chairperson)    
Mr D Orchard (Vice Chair)    
Community Governors Staff Governors  
Mr J Cohen Mrs S Patel  
Mr R Parmar Ms J Porteous  
Ms J Djora    
Parent Governors    
Mr J Levy, Mr A Jackson, Ms V Lotfi,    
Ms A Olson.    

The Governors meet once a term as a full body – the Minutes of these meetings are available outside the school office.