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September 2016

September 2016


Welcome to 4M and our very first monthly update.  The children have all successfully settled into their new class and routines. It is wonderful to see happy and confident children embracing all the opportunities that school has to offer them. We have made a very positive start to our learning in Year Four with the children embedding previous learning while meeting the challenges of learning new skills and knowledge enthusiastically.


One of the things the children have discussed as a class and it has caused a great deal of excitement is the fact that all the children who use joined up letters in their handwriting in a neat and tidy style will be able to apply for a ‘Pen License’, This means they will be able to use a pen rather than pencil in their exercise books. Pen licenses are very sought after and a high standard of written presentation must be maintained as they can be revoked if handwriting reverts to being messy!  


We have begun preparing for our Roald Dahl 100th birthday party which will take place on Tuesday 13th September at 1.30 pm in our classroom. We will be playing games and watching a special live online (for schools) screening of the stage show Matilda as well as eating a marvelous party spread!  Parents and carers are invited to join us so please come along to support your child, you will enjoy yourself!


Thank you in advance to all parents and carers who attended our 'Meet the Teacher' session on Tuesday 20th September at 3.30 pm in the 4M classroom. It is heartening to see how interested you are in your child's education.


Dates to remember this month:


Friday 16th September - Family Reading session in 4M at 9.00 am.

Tuesday 20th September - Meet the Teacher in 4M at 3.30 pm.

Friday 30th September - MacMillan Coffee Morning fundraiser in the Community room at 9.00 am.