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8th October 2018

This week we have been doing lots of work around Nursery Rhymes and rhyming words. Lots of children have enjoyed joining in with nursery rhymes and finding new rhyming words. Please do carry on helping them play around with language to become aware of rhyme at home.

The hairdressers has been very popular, with lots of beautiful new hairstyles being created over the week! As the whole school theme for next week is ‘Big Me’ we will be talking to the children about jobs they might like to do when they grow up. The vocabulary this week is related to jobs.

As we approach Autumn we will be doing more inside PE, so please remember to dress your child in socks and easy shoes on PE days, (Tuesday and Thursday) If they can wear leggings instead of tights on these days it means they can learn to take off and put on their own socks and shoes.

As the children are free to use the outside area during the session and the weather is so changeable over the day, it is best if they bring in a coat.