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20th October 2017

This week we have been learning about Diwali - a festival celebrated by Hindu people.  We recreated Rangoli patterns through drawing, painting and soft play blocks. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made diva lamps from playdough and decorative materials. Thank you very much to Siyaan’s mummy who came in and spoke to all the children about how she celebrates Divali at home.


After Half term we will be looking at the Story ‘Room on the Broom.’  The children will be role playing the story, drawing favourite characters and making spells. They will be making their own wands and magic potions.  If you could bring in some short sturdy sticks to make wands out of that would be fantastic!

13th October 2017

This week the children had lots of fun learning about Wild Animals. To help develop their descriptive language and to learn about the features of the animals the children learnt to play some new games involving guessing their friend’s animal by asking questions, imitating a chosen animal and using the sense of touch to describe an animal that was hidden in a bag. The teachers are very impressed with how quickly the children’s vocabulary widened as the week progressed. Also this week the children have taken part in number recognition games and order numbers. What brilliant mathematicians we have in Reception. A favourite maths game this week was Balloon Pop! Why not try this game at home

Next week the children will be learning about Diwali - a festival celebrated by Hindu people.  We will tell them the story of Rama and Sita, we will make diva lamps and look at and recreate Rangoli patterns. If you celebrate Diwali and would like to come in to school and talk to the children about this festival, please speak to the class teacher.

6th October 2017

We have loved exploring the story of Handa’s Surprise this week. We made some wonderful kente patterns, animal silhouettes and enjoyed playing on the African Drums. The story was very popular with lots of children acting it out!

Next week’s theme will continue looking at wild animals. We will be talking about animals and trying to extend all the children’s descriptive vocabulary.