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24th November 2017

This week we have had lots of unwell children, and adults! We seem to have been hit with sickness bug on top of the normal coughs and colds that have been around for a while.

So some of the planned activities like measuring how tall we are will be carried over to next week.

We have been finding out lots of things about life under the ocean. The children have been painting, cutting and sticking. They have been naming some of the creatures they have seen on the internet and playing lots of matching games. We have also been talking about ‘big’ and ‘small’ finding objects and ordering them by size.

17th November 2017

This week was ‘Anti Bullying Week’. So in nursery we have been doing lots of activities to promote collaboration and friendship. The children told us about their friends and games they like to play with them in nursery. We solved lots of problems by working together to find solutions. We talked about things we can do to make our friends happy, and we talked about things that people sometimes do that make us sad. The children are all becoming much more confident talkers now. Most of them are happy to speak out to the class when they have something to tell us. If anyone uploads a photo of something their child has done at home on Tapestry, we will always try to give children the opportunity to come up and tell the group about the pictures.

10th November 2017

This week lots of children told us about the fireworks they saw at the weekend. They have been describing what they saw and heard at the weekend. They made lots of firework pictures using different techniques, printing, splattering, mixing colours, cutting shapes and using lots of glitter!

We have been playing games related to shapes and colours. This may be an area that you would like to reinforce, especially as autumn displays so many lovely natural colours! It is important for the children to make connections with shapes in the environment. If you start them off by pointing out some shapes. For example, squares and rectangles on window frames. Try challenging them to find a certain shape as you walk home and they will quickly begin to make the connections.

6th November 2017

We have been doing lots of cutting and sticking, making books and beautiful butterfly models this week. We tasted some more fruit and talked about the tastes we like and the ones we don’t! We learnt a new days of the week song which you can see being sung by some children on tapestry.

There has been lots of fruit counting, taking some away and finding out how many are left. In PE we had some lovely butterfly dancing and some very good listening out for the instructions.