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30th November 2018

We have all enjoyed The Gingerbread Boy story. We did lots of counting characters from the story and making gingerbread men and women. Some of the children are developing their cutting skills now and had a go at cutting their own puppets out. Lots of the children can retell the story, so do get them to tell it to you at home.

Next week we are starting Christmas activities. You will begin to hear your children singing some new songs, hopefully! We will give the words of some of the songs out next week so you will be familiar with them and can help your child learn them. The children will do a little Christmas singalong for you in the nursery on Monday the 17th AM-11.15 PM-2.45 (30 hour children will sing twice so parents/carers can come to either session.)

23rd November 2018

The children have enjoyed doing lots of activities around the Eric Carl story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ this week. We found out all about the life cycle of a butterfly, some children made lovely story books of their own, some children made numbered caterpillars and we had lots of butterfly paintings. We also made caterpillar face pizzas!

Next week we will read the story of The Gingerbread Boy. We will do lots of counting, people, animals and buttons from the story.

16th November 2018

We have been busy learning about our friends. Finding out what makes them happy, what makes them sad, what they like to eat, what toys they like to play with and what games they like to play. Lots of children did some really great portraits of their friends. They looked carefully to get the right colours for their eyes and their hair. In fact they were so good we made a portrait gallery on the door inside nursery. Do come and look at their lovely work!

We have also done lots of counting activities throughout the week, counting and finding the matching numbers. We found lots of games on the whiteboard to reinforce these skills.


9th November 2018

We have been busy doing lots of work based around the story of Handa this week. The children have looked at all the different animals and fruits in the story. We looked at and carefully drew some of the fruits. We made fruit salad and tasted some of the fruits. Lots of children were able to retell the story in their own words. A nice activity to do at home, maybe instead of a bedtime story, would be to ask them to retell the story to you!

The beebots were very popular and lots of children had a go at pressing the buttons to make the bot move along a trail to the different animals in the story.

Next week is friendship week throughout the school. We will be doing lots of activities highlighting friendships, the importance of helping each other, working together, respecting difference and respecting each other. In our cooking activity we will make a large cake and decorate it all together, everyone adding something to the decoration.

2nd November 2018

This week we have been doing lots of colour mixing, finding out what colours we could make by mixing red, yellow and blue in different ways. We also talked about different celebrations, Halloween, Firework night and Diwali. Lots of children told us what they already knew about the celebrations and we used books and the internet to find out more. We also talked about the importance of keeping safe and looking after our pets on firework night.

The ‘Spooks and Sparkles’ disco organised by FOWH was a great success. Thank you to all those who came.