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24th November 2017


The theme of the week has been all about Friendships. We have focussed on the book ‘On Sudden Hill’, which looks at the topic of friendship. The children have been busy this week creating paintings of their friends, making settings from the story and writing about their friends. We have talked about the Characters and their feelings and what it is like to feel lonely.


Next week we will be looking at toys, particularly toys from the past. We will be talking to the children about the types of toys they play with now and what types of toys their parents and grandparents played with. If you have any old toys or photos, it would be lovely to share these with the children on Monday.

We will be having a circle time on Thursday where we would like the children to bring in their favourite toy and talk about with the whole class.

Whose taking the trophy and Timmy home this week?

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17th November 2017

This week was Anti-bullying week. We celebrated by wearing odd socks and focussing on our friendships. We made things for a friend and made a friendship contract. We started to look at the story called ‘On Sudden Hill’. The children have been really enjoying turning boxes and containers into new creations. We had fire engines, buses, rockets, drums, monsters and trains!


Next week we will continue the story ‘On Sudden Hill’. The children will take part in role play and talk about how the characters feel in certain parts of the book. In Literacy the children will experience recording for a purpose and write notes and letters for their friends. They will also explore texture and material as they make friendship bracelets for one another.


As the story involves the main characters turning cardboard boxes into different creations, we will continue to make models too. They will make collages of Sudden Hill, do mini junk models with small boxes then draw and cut out puppets of themselves and their friends to go inside. Thank you for all the junk modelling resources. Please keep them coming! Please ensure that these boxes (large and small) do not contain any traces of nuts due to allergies.


Whose Taking Timmy and the trophy home this week?

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6th November 2017


This week we looked at the book ‘Naughty Bus’. We read the book and retold the story focussing on sentence structure, painted roads and buses, made bus tickets and role played getting on the bus. We also made buses from junk modelling and wrote about the adventures of Naughty Bus.


Next week is Anti-bullying week. The slogan this year is, ‘All different. All equal.’ On Monday 13th November, the children are welcome to wear odd socks to school to help raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Week. Odd Socks Day is a fun opportunity for children to express themselves and appreciate individuality.


We will focus on how to be a good friend and what this looks like. We will explore these topics through the story ‘On Sudden Hill’ – a story about 2 friends who always play on sudden hill with their boxes. But what happens when a third person wants to play? We will also make friendship bracelets, write a message for a friend, circle times on what makes a good friend and reading books about Friendship.

If you have any cardboard boxes at home, can you please bring them in to school? Make sure they do not contain any traces of nuts due to allergies.  

who is taking timmy and the trophy home this week?

who is taking timmy and the trophy home this week? 1
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3rd November 2017

We have been very busy this week! The children have done well with the introduction of phonics. We also looked at the story ‘Room on the Broom.’  We role-played the story, made magic spells and made broomsticks and wands.


Next week we will be focusing on the book ‘Naughty Bus’. We will be reading and talking about the story, painting roads and tracks, role playing the story and making their own buses.