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Motor Skills Games

To get us back into our PE routine, we played some listening games focusing on our motor skills.


First we started off by playing "Animals". We walked around the room and had to listen out for an animal. Once the animals was called, we had to move around the room like that animal. 

Bunny hop

Monkey walk


Horse gallop

Frog jump


We then played "changed direction". We had to travel around the room in different ways. Once we heard "change direction", we had to continue the movement in an another.

Giant steps

High knees


Walk backwards



This made our bodies sweat, our faces red and very breathless. We talked what exercise does to our bodies and why this is a good thing. To cool ourselves down we played "Quiet Arch". 2 of us made an arch with our hands. The rest of us lined up to go underneath. We had to go silently by passing through on our tip-toes. We then found a space around the room and lay down on the floor with our eyes closed.