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17th May 2019

The children have been enjoying our Power of Reading book, ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ The children are becoming familiar with the story and we have been doing lots of follow up activities like talking about the characters, retelling the story and even acting out the story using the shoe shop as our stage.

We have had lots of counting and matching on the sock washing line this week. Next time you are putting away your washing it may be good to get the children to pair up the socks for you and count how many they find!

We have been doing lots of name writing with the children that are going up to reception. Lots of children are keen to write their own names now. So if they attempt to do it at home please, please! Show them how to do it in lower case letters, not capitals. (ie. George) Once the children get used to writing capital letters it is very hard for them to change to lower case letters when they start writing in reception.

10th May 2019

This week we have been telling lots of stories to each other. We have been sequencing the stories and talking about ‘the beginning’ ‘the middle’ and ‘the end’ Lots of children can retell some stories in their own words, so do encourage them to retell stories to you sometimes. This will then lead them on to making up their own stories.  We have also been playing lots of rhyming games. Children love to play with language and making up nonsense rhymes is a great way to extend their language skills.

Our Power of Reading book for the next two weeks will be ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ The children will become familiar with the story and we will be doing lots of follow up activities over the two weeks.

Some parents have asked about Nursery sports day. We will have sports activity sessions on Thursday the 13th of June. (Times to be decided)  Parents/carers are invited to come in and watch or even take part! The sessions last for approximately an hour. This takes place weather permitting! All dates are on the school website calendar.

3rd May 2019

This week we have been doing lots of activities around the story of The Enormous Turnip. Lots of children can retell the story in their own words so you might want to ask them to tell you the story at the weekend! Next week we are going to continue the growing theme and plant some wild flowers, beans and tomatoes outside. Lots of children now have a better understanding of the concepts ‘more’ and ‘less’ in relation to numbers and problem solving, but as a sound understanding of this is the basis of addition and subtraction skills in the future, you can never do too much! So we are continuing to reinforce and extend this area over the next few weeks.

All of our new children have started now, everyone is settling in well. The older children have been very helpful and kind to the little ones.

I will put all of the new children onto tapestry by the end of next week. So if your child has just started please look out for an email link where you can set up your own login.