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March 2017

March 2017


At last March has arrived and brings with it lighter evenings and better weather (hopefully).  We have really noticed the temperature has slightly improved during our last few outdoor PE sessions, up until recently going outside for PE has involved dressing as if we were going on a trip to the Arctic so it's been lovely to be able to go out in just our tracksuit bottoms and PE tops.  Our current outdoor PE focus is tag rugby, the children are quickly picking up the rules and already we are improving our skills at tagging our opponents and protecting our own tags. This is our last games focus for this academic year as after the Easter holidays we will spend the Summer term developing our athletics skills.


Continuing with the PE theme, our indoor PE focus this month is Cheerleading.  The excitement this has caused is immense and the vast majority of the children have been working hard to master the main cheerleading moves.  We start each lesson with a drill where we prastise cheerleading moves then the children get into their cheerleading squads (five children per group) and work on developing their own routine to the song 'Hey Mickey' by Toni Basil.  At the end of the month we are planning a Year 4 Cheerleading Festival to watch each other's routines and celebrate the hard work the children have put in to their PE lessons this half term.


We are still working hard on our current topic 'Saving the World - Rainforests' the children have just finished making their own persuasive films using the computer application Movie Maker.  The aim of each film is to persuade your audience that we have to work together to save our rainforests for future generations.  The skills the children demonstrated when making their films were excellent, they incorporated text formatting, transition effects, text effects and all sorts of other wonderful things to make their films as interesting and eye catching as possible.


Our trip to London Zoo is fast approaching.  Thank you to everyone who has returned permission slips and their zoo entry money, if you haven't yet done so we would appreciate the slip and money as soon as possible.  We go on Wednesday 22nd March and plan to leave school as near to 8.45 am as we can.  More information regarding our trip will be given out nearer the time.


Our recorder lessons are progressing steadily and the children can now play a selection of tunes. We will be performing in the 'Year 4 Recorder Concert' on Thursday 25th March at 9 am in the big hall.  Please come along to support your own child and listen to some fantastic music.  It's an event not to be missed.


As an end note, I'm sure you have already heard from your child that our snail eggs have hatched and one particular baby Giant African Land Snail seems to be the biggest of the bunch and is already twice the size of its siblings.


Thank you for your on going support, it really is appreciated. See you at Parents Evening at the end of this month, we will have the opportunity to discuss your child's school report (reports go out on Friday 24th March and Parents Evening is the following week).