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Last Open Space Session

Our last Open Space session

When arriving to the open space, we played our 'sticky elbows' game and then made up some more 'forest school names'. Our safety leaders, Melissa, Keyan, Jeremiah and Roksana, placed green ribbons in the places we weren't allowed to go in. We then made clay faces for the trees. We stuck clay onto the tree trunk and used sticks, leaves, grass and other natural materials for the features. We also had a go at making different sized and shaped picture frames using sticks and wool.


As it was our last session with our forest school leader, Archie, decided to give us a little treat. As she passed her 'Forest School' training and is now certified to make little fires, Archie planned for us to toast some marshmallows. Before making the fire, we went through all the fire safety rules. We know that fires can be dangerous so only Archie was permitted to make the fire. She made a safe pit using logs so the fire wouldn't spread. The fire was always supervised by the adults.

We had to sit away from the fire and could only get up with the adults permission. We toasted our marshmallows in small groups and were directed by the adults about how to walk around the fire. When toasting our marshmallows, we had to always look at what we were doing and we were not allowed to be too close to the fire. Once the marshmallows were toasted, we had to wait for them to cool down before eating them. At the end of the session, the fire was put out by water. When we finished our marshmallows, we were very lucky that we also got to eat the cake Sahara made for her birthday. Thank you Sahara! Archie also got us all a presents- animal masks. We loved them so much and couldn't wait to open them when we got home. We had such a fun afternoon and took a photo with Archie. Thank you so much for our forest school sessions this year! And well done to all the children for taking risks, working as a team, learning new skills, recognising dangers and learning how to keep safe and developing their imagination and creativity.