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26th January 2018

This week we have been looking out in our outside area for birds. We did see a few despite the fact that there are lots of children around! We looked at books and we looked on the internet to find out about birds. The children have made bird feeders to hang up outside at home, so they can see birds from their windows. This weekend it is the RSPB big garden bird watch. If you want to take part in the bird count do look it up on line at there is lots of info on their sight.

Next week we are going to be looking at fruit and vegetables. We will be talking about keeping our hearts healthy. Eating well and doing lots of exercises. On the back of this sheet the vocabulary is a mixture of fruit and vegetables. Please help your child by naming the items with them, talking about which ones are fruits and which vegetables. Talk to them about where they grow and which ones they like and dislike.

We also had a visit from our local Police officer, who came to talk to the children all about her role and what her job involves. The children were keen to ask her questions and loved finding out about her busy work life!

19th January 2018

A big welcome to all our new families, the new children are settling in very quickly. A big part of how quickly they have settled is due to the fact that the present nursery children have been so welcoming. A big well done to them for being so helpful and kind!

This week we read the story of the Little Red Hen and talked about the importance of helping others. We made some bread and talked about where the flour comes from. Some children even had a go at crushing some wheat seeds between two stones to see if they could get flour. There have been lots of counting and dice games going on in the outside area. We counted hops, skips, jumps, bounces and spots on the dice. Please do follow this up at home, young children need to count every day to become accurate counters. We have also been playing some simple board games where the children have to count on the correct number of times around the board. Lots of children love this activity.

12th January 2018

Welcome back to everyone after the break. We all had a great holiday and we would all like to thank you once again for your generous cards and gifts!

A special thank you to those parents who organised, and contributed to, our voucher collection. What a lovely surprise!

The children have been telling us about their Christmas experiences and Santa obviously had a busy time.

Last week we were doing home visits for the new children who have been starting this week. The children will come in one at a time over the next couple of weeks. So you will be seeing some new faces at the gate, Iā€™m sure you will welcome and help out any new parents who are looking a bit lost!

For all our new parents, PM PE is on a Tuesday-AM PE is on a Thursday. Please remember, easy shoes and no tights on PE days.

We have lots of nice books in nursery. Children can borrow a book at any time. They take them home to share with you then return them when you have read it with them.