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'It's Not a Box' Project

'It's not a box' Project

Our activities for the last 2 weeks have revolved around the story 'On Sudden Hill'. Part of the story is about best friends who enjoy climbing up Sudden Hill and playing with big boxes. These boxes transform into anything they desire, from pirate ships to monster trucks to spaceships. We also listened to the story 'It's not a box'. This story also adopts the idea that a box can be turned into something different. 


Over the weekend, we were asked to take an ordinary box and create something new and exciting with it. We accepted this challenge and were so excited to share our box creations with the class. Our boxes are now displayed in the main library of the school.


Take a look at some of our transformations....


Picture 1 Professor Pigeon and Robochicken
Picture 2 House
Picture 3 Jewellery Box
Picture 4 Car
Picture 5 Chest
Picture 6 Fairy House
Picture 7 Television
Picture 8 Guitar
Picture 9 Robot head
Picture 10 Crane
Picture 11 Rocket
Picture 12 My Robot Brother
Picture 13 Car
Picture 14 Rocket Flying Car
Picture 15 Spy House
Picture 16 Bird Shelter
Picture 17 Bus