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Gruffalo Game - Listening and Attention

As this was our first PE lesson, we wanted to focus on the routines/rules of PE and our listening and attention skills. Our first instructions were to take our socks and shoes off, grab a sticky spot and find a space. To warm up our bodies, we did some star jumps, jumping and hopping on our sticky spot.


To challenge our listening skills, we played the Gruffalo game. We moved around the hall as the different characters from the story.

Gruffalo - big, large foot steps and stretched out arms

Mouse - small curled up body and moving on toes and hands

Fox - walking on hands and feet

Owl - flapping arms and tip toe silently flying around the room

Snake - slithering on bellies


In between each character's movement, the children had to listen out for different whistles.

1 whistle meant stop, 2 whistles meant sit down and 3 whistles meant go to your sticky spots. As the children became better at listening to and responding to the whistles, we changed '1 whistle' to 'stop' and deep dark forest (stand on tip toes with arms extended and sway like a tall tree in the deep dark woods).


We finished our session with a cool down, by imagining we were the clever, brave mouse in the story.