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Flat Stanley around the world

The half term homework about Flat Stanley, inspired our theme this week. Flat Stanley travelling the world. We turned our writing area into a travel agents, where children booked holidays, prepared their passports and wrote some postcards for their loved ones. We also loved looking through some holiday magazines!


Flat Stanley's travels inspired us to think about what we would do if were flat. We made our own mini-mes by cutting around our heads and drawing a body. We drew a scene and wrote about where we wanted to go. We also thought about what his next adventures could be by painting a new setting around an image of Flat Stanley. We also wrote a short story to go with our paintings.


Flat Stanley has been showing us different places he has been around the world. First he went to Spain and then Italy. In Spain, Flat Stanley saw some Spanish dancers so we wanted to have a go at dancing ourselves. We also made our own fact posters about different countries by researching non-fiction books.

Travel agency

Flat Stanley's new adventures

Posters about different countries