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February 2019


February already!

In 4C we had a wonderful time during Poetry Week (21st to 25th January 2019). The children spent the week writing and performing poems for audiences. Everyone was very excited because for the first three days of the week a poet called James Carter was in school helping all the classes write poems. It was an exciting time and we all enjoyed ourselves.


The children quickly got back into their working mindset following the Christmas holidays and were soon producing good quality work across the curriculum. The pace of our learning has really picked up this term and the children are keen to get involved in whatever learning is presented to them.

Our topic The Rainforest is progressing well and the children are very keen to learn as much as possible about this fascinating topic. In mathematics, we will recap and then extending our knowledge on various areas. In literacy, we are using the book Jemmy Button in order to inspire us to write stories,  diary entries, and letters.