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February 2018

February 2018


February already! It only seems five minutes since we were all wishing each other happy new year. Time might be passing at the speed of light but 4M are definitely moving forwards at a wonderfully productive learning pace.


The children quickly got back into their working mindset following the Christmas holidays and were soon producing good quality work across the curriculum. The pace of our learning has really picked up this term and the children are keen to get involved in whatever learning is presented to them.


Can I just take this opportunity to thank everyone for the splendid response to the 'Layers of the Rainforests' homework that was set in the first week of the Spring term. The models and posters the children brought into school were amazing. It was obvious that the task had been taken very seriously with lots of research going into the finished products. We have put them all on display in the heart space so that our whole school community can see the fantastic work produced.


Puppet Week begins on 5th February 2018 and the children are looking forward to making their own shadow puppets and writing and performing puppet shows for audiences. On Thursday 8th February at 2.30 pm all our parents and carers are invited into 4M to watch our shows – see you there as its not to be missed.


On Wednesday 25th January (as part of a programme designed to allow teachers to see work produced in other schools in our local area) I shared some of the writing produced by the children in 4M. I am pleased to say that the teachers from other local schools were impressed with the quality of written work our children are capable of producing. I shared examples of written work the children had done in their English lessons. The following day I told the children the admiring comments their work had received and they were rightly proud of themselves.


Even though it is likely February will still bring some cold weather the first hint of Spring has arrived in 4M in the shape of Patrick, our Giant African Snail. We are keeping him for the next six months, watching him grow, feeding him and cleaning his tank out. The aim is to give the children first hand experience of the life cycles of living things.  In the summer term we will have the opportunity to observe chicks hatching and watching them grow in the first ten days of life. It's a very exciting time that encourages a great deal of class discussion relating to personal experiences and predicting how our charges will grow and change.


Once again, a big thank you for the support you give your children with their education, it makes teaching them a pleasure.