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Some dates for your diary ..... so many exciting things happening at Whitings Hill


Literacy News!

Some dates for your diary …..

The travelling book fair arrives at Whitings Hill!!


There will be a fantastic selection of books for all ages so come and buy some books for Christmas!

We will be selling books from Monday 27th November every day that week after school from 3.30 – 4.00.

Further exciting events:

On Wednesday 29th November we will be having our annual Bedtime Story event for Reception and Years 1 & 2 from 6-7pm. Pop home and get into pyjamas and come back for a story or two with cocoa and a biscuit. Letters will be coming out next week with all the details.

On Friday 1st December parents and carers will once again be invited in to read with their child/children from 9 – 9.20am.

Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Abdel-All.



Our pond and wooded area

Our pond and wooded area  1
Our pond and wooded area  2
Our pond and wooded area  3
Our pond and wooded area  4
Our pond and wooded area  5
Our pond and wooded area  6
Our pond and wooded area  7
Our pond and wooded area  8
Our pond and wooded area  9


Congratulations to all those children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge in association with the Libraries Services

Tabitha, Hans and Naisha in Reception

Fox in Year 1

Jaeden and Anya  in Year 2

Renesh in  year 3

Zehra and Tamara in Year 4

Erin in Year 5

Dylan and Esma in Year 6


You are reading superstars !!!



September 2017




We are starting our term with a bang this year! We have decided to start the term off with an 'Adventure Week'. Each year group will focus on a particular text that will lend itself to having all sorts of adventures. Working together to design and make dens, going on a honey hunt, becoming pirates, flying and exploring like Peter Pan, being lost and alone on a desert island and much more.


The children will have the opportunity to explore our newly revamped wooded area and our pond has now been cleared and will be ready to use once a platform has been installed. The children are very excited and we hope to keep our ducklings this year so the plan is to build a duck island.


Parents & Carers will be invited in for a picnic on Friday 22nd September and you will have the chance to come and have a look at our new outdoor space.


Watch this space for some amazing photos!





Adventure week at Whitings Hill

A massive thank you to all the children, staff and Parents & Carers who helped to make Adventure Week such a success.

Apart from a little inclement weather most of the week was bright and dry and allowed the children to really discover and explore the wooded area and pond.

We are very lucky to have such an amazing resource on our doorstep and there are further plans to develop the pond area further with a duck island and a pond dipping platform. The amazing FOWH have kindly agreed to fund us for these important resources.

The children have been doing a number of activities, including den building and going on a honey pot hunt.

Most classes finished off the week with a class picnic in and around the wooded area.





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