Whitings Hill Primary School

Special Educational Needs

Our Ethos:

At Whitings Hill Primary School we pride ourselves on being an inclusive environment; welcoming children with a range of needs and disabilities.  We strive to ensure our classrooms cater for all need types through outstanding teaching and informed methods that enable children to succeed academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


In order to ensure our everyday classroom practice is as inclusive as possible, we work closely with outside agencies so that personalised provision is put into place to meet individual needs.


We work inclusively with our families to maximize the learning potential of all children in our community. Pupils with SEND are valued members of our school community and every effort is made to support their individual needs. We hope that you feel able to come and ask any questions you have regarding support for your child. We believe that all children have an equal right to a full and rounded education which should enable them to achieve their full potential. 


The London Borough of Barnet’s local offer provides information for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their parents/carers. It allows families to see what they can expect from a range of local agencies and how to access them. You can find this information here:



The Inclusion Lead/Pastoral Team

The Inclusion Lead/SENDCO at Whitings Hill School is Mrs Paulla Andreou.  Mrs Andreou has worked within special needs for over 30 years both as a class teacher and in her role as a SENDCO during the last 6 years.  Mrs Andreou is also closely supported by Mrs Tracy Barker (Pastoral Manager) and Mrs Jo Mogford (Pastoral Support).  The Pastoral Team work together with the SENDCo and Senior Leadership Team to identify pupils who require additional support in relation to their social, emotional and mental health needs.  The school also employs a large number of teaching assistants who are offered regular training to meet the needs of individual pupils in their classes.

Please feel free to contact Mrs Andreou and/or the Pastoral Team via the school office should you require any further information:

Telephone: 020 8359 5360

Email: office@whitingshill.barnetmail.net


SEND Policies


Useful Websites/Documents

  • The London Borough of Barnet’s local offer provides information for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their parents/carers.  It allows families to see what they can expect from a range of local agencies and how to access them.  You can find this information here:


  •  Barnet’s SENCO’s and Barnet with Cambridge Education have worked together to develop a SEND toolkit for SENCOs. Take a look at the toolkit in the links below and this will give you an idea of what to expect from your child’s SENCO:


  • Is your child having difficulties with sleep? Please see below the link for the booklet "Sleep Tips" recommended by our Autism Advisory Team: 


It introduces and explains different techniques for you to try that may improve your child's sleep. It covers ten main topics including bedtime routines, daytime napping, comfort objects and moving bedtime backwards or forwards. It gives lots of illustrated hints and tips for putting the techniques into practice.

  • Supporting you through every milestone of your journey with twins, triplets or more. 


  • Mencap is a UK Charity for people with a learning disability.  We support their families and carers too.



SEND Coffee Sessions for Parents

We have launched coffee sessions for parents and families to give our community a chance to meet, share concerns and successes and hear about the SEND provision at WHS. 

We have included the slides for you to refer back to or to look at if you missed attending.

SEND coffee afternoon - Session 1 29.09.22.pdf

SEND coffee afternoon - Session 2 16.11.22 Zones of Regulation

SEND coffee afternoon - Session 3 02.02.23 Developing interaction

SEND coffee afternoon - 14.11.23 Understanding and Supporting Sensory and Communication Differences

SEND coffee afternoon - 14.03.24 ADHD

top 5 autism tips.pdf

Celebrating Neurodiversity

Thank you to all the parents/carers  that attended our Neurodiversity Assembly and our SEND coffee afternoon. 

In our morning assembly assembly, we were very lucky to have our Autism Advisory teacher, Jo Campion come in to discuss Neurodiversity and Autism with the children in KS2. Jo helped to promote a wider understanding that autistic people have strengths and differences that should be celebrated.  

For those of you that missed it, please feel free to view the videos below and share them with your children. At Whitings Hill School differences are valued and embraced,  being different is something to be celebrated!


Celebrating Autistic Strengths and Differences: 


Amazing Things Happen!: