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Wednesday 5th July

Sports day - July icon for photos

Tuesday 4th July

Welsh Harp - July icon for photos

Monday 3rd July

Oral storytelling in the wild area - July icon for photos

Flamenco dancing

On Friday 23rd June, 3O got taught some Flamenco steps. Pictures and videos are in the June icon.

Friday 16th June

Today, we were visited by Chloe, Gary, Barry, Darwin and Pearl from Zoolab. Photographs are in the June icon. 

Friday 16th June

Today, Ms Patel presented Angelika, Abigail and Ahsan with their pen licences. Well done.

Monday 12th June

Today, 3O performed a fantastic class assembly on fossils.

Well done to all.

Have a look at the pictures and videos in the June icon. 

Fossil rocks! -

Our class assembly on Monday 12th June - 9am

Friday 12th May

Golden Time fun in the wild area - exploring the area, including team work and climbing trees and Year 3O's take on Masterchef - Wildchef!!! - click on the May icon for photos.....

Friday 5th May

Making fossils....

Obviously we didn't have a million years to wait for our fossils to materialise!!!! Photos of making them are in the May icon below.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 25th April

Well done to Hana, Tamara, Nyah, Ellie, Mona and Chad for being awarded their pen licence (pictures below - within the pen licence icon).

Myself and Ms Patel are looking forward to awarding more licences soon.


Friday 21st April

We introduced our new topic, Scavengers and settlers with a trip to the school's wild area. Photos can be found by clicking on the April icon.


Tuesday 18th April

The summer term has arrived. Here's hoping for a sunny, as well as fun term ahead.

I have booked a date for our re-scheduled class assembly - Monday 12th June. Miss Clements has booked a trip for Year 3s in July, details to follow. We will be continuing with our times tables challenge. Lots to look forward to. I will endeavour to continue to keep you informed of all that happens within our class with information and pictures here, on our class web page.



Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 31st March


What a wonderful term we have all had, very busy but productive. Now it is time to rest. Wishing you all a fabulous Easter holidays. Hopefully the sun shines and you all get lots of opportunities to be out and about. If it does rain though and you want to do a project, our next topic is 'Scavengers and Settlers'. Don't forget to keep practising your times tables. Who will be the daily champs of the 9x table and the weekly Champion? After Easter 6 children will be getting their pen licence. So much to look forward to including a class assembly - date to be released soon.

See you on the 18th April :-) 

Friday 24th March

Decorating red noses for Comic Relief

We had lots of fun decorating 'our noses'!!! Look in the March icon for pictures of the event :-)


Picture 1

Tuesday 14th March

I have created an icon for our Times tables championship. Click on the link to find the game and discover who our Times tables Champs are.

Thursday 9th March

Breaking News!!!

Year 3O took on the role of Broadcasters, News reporters and Eyewitnesses to produce a News broadcast about the time Moon Man leapt on a fiery Comet that was on its way to Earth!!! Find out what happened by looking in the March icon below to see the children's news broadcasts.

(Technical hitch!!!! I'm having trouble putting the videos on, I will sort ASAP)

Friday 10th March - Technical issue resolved :-) All videos are now uploaded.


Wednesday 8th March

3O are currently loving our 8 times tables champions challenge.

Daily, we have a champion. The champion is the child who gets most 8 times tables right on the interactive game - 'Hit the button' (the link for the game is within February's icon). The daily champions then take part in a weekly championship. Last week's championship was a close fought contest between Tamara, Michael, Logan and Chad. Tamara narrowly beat Michael by 1 point.

This week, so far, the daily champions are Joseph and Mona.

Millie and Ahsan joined them in the final (Friday 10th March) and in another closely fought contest, Joseph is this week's champion.

Next week we are moving on from the 8 x table to the 12X table.


Tuesday 28th February - What a Motley Crew!!!

Year 3O celebrating World Book Day.

Picture 1

Friday 24th February

Today we were visited by the educational team from Tottenham Hotspur.

We had a Maths, English and PSHE lesson.

 In our February folder below, there are  photos from the visit.

Friday 10th February

As we come to the end of a very busy, productive and fun half term a few things have come to my attention.....

Guided reading books are mainly being read and brought in every day, excellent, but....

Half termly spellings, especially the common exception words, NEED to be learnt.

Times tables - 2, 5, 10, 3, 8 and 11, NEED to be learnt.

Handwriting -NEEDS to improve - some children have been given individual packs to help them.

All these NEEDS are to help your child. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Happy half term and we look forward to the next half term's educational adventures :-)

January 30th

Today is the start of magical Maths week.

Have a look in the January folder to see the photos of the activities we have been taking part in this week..........smiley

January 11th 2017

WOW, a week of the Spring term has passed already and what a fabulous week it has been :-)

Thank you so much to the children and parents for welcoming me back after my absence. I'm really enjoying being back and doing what I love best, teaching. I still have a long way to go on my journey to full recovery but with time. patience and support I' m sure I'll get there.

In the meantrime, although I'm currently not around first thing in the mornings, I am around after school so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

I have updated the spelling lists and will be putting the Curriculum letter on here by the end of the week.

Here's to a fabulous Spring term.


Picture 1