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Teachers: Miss Davidson and Mrs J. Murphy

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Stacey

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Winter 'Ode to the Robin Redbreast' - poem by Elizabeth Barry

Friday 1st December

Maths homework - Number bonds to a 100

For example 34 + 66 = 100 ( 34 + 6 = 40 + 60 = 100)

72 + 28 = 100

100 - 36 = 64 (64 +36 = 100)

Use the hit the button game ( November icon on 3 o's page) to practise.

The Tin Forest

We've thoroughly enjoyed reading The Tin Forest this half-term.

To finish the term we created our own backdrops and puppet to re-tell the story.


Our Art and DT has been based on the work of Anthony Gormley. We made 'people' based on one of his installations and we also created a 'Waste Person' based on his Waste Man project.


In Science we have been learning about how shadows are formed.

We used different objects to create shadows.

We also explored how our shadow appears to move throughout the day and

had discussions about what's actually happening.

Adventure week 18th - 22nd September

We had a great time during Adventure week: creating Journey Sticks and writing instructions on how to make a den.


Used by aboriginal and native peoples as a way to remember a journey

or re-tell a story.


Please ensure that your child's reading book and reading diary are in school every day. We will do our best to change the books on a daily basis. The children change their books when they are finished. Books will only be changed when an adult has written that the child has read the book. We hear children read throughout the course of each week, either as part of a guided reading group or individually.



The children have two PE sessions per week on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Please make sure your child has a clean PE kit and PE shoes that fit in school at all times. Please make sure all clothes are labelled. Children may bring tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE.



3D have a swimming session every Friday afternoon. The swimming session lasts for thirty minutes and the children are grouped by their swimming ability. Please ensure children have full swimming kit including a swimming hat.



Now the children are in year 3 they will no longer be provided with fruit to eat at playtime. However, you may provide your child with a piece of fruit to eat during this time.


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