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Zones of regulation

Zones of Regulation

As we are highlighting well-being and mental health this year, we have introduced, Zones of Regulation. This involves using coloured zones to express our emotions and thinking of ways to regulate our emotions. These zones are:


Blue zone - sad, tired, bored, sick

Red zone - angry, mean, hitting, shouting

Yellow zone - frustrated, silly, excited, worried

Green zone - focused, calm, feeling okay, happy, ready to learn


In the morning the children choose the zone they feel they are in and place their name there. We speak to these children in the morning to ensure any negative situation is dealt with first thing. The children can move between zones throughout the day which lets the adults know how they are feeling. We will support the children to get back to the Green Zone.


We have added a "calm corner" to our zones of regulation area, where we can use some breathing strategies to help us re-enter the green zone once feeling angry, over-excited, worried and so on. Breathe in and out slowly following the different shapes. You can also add some calm, meditative music in the background while practising these different breathing techniques.