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Year 6 Homework

Half term Fun

Next week is officially our half term break. Because of this we are not setting any formal learning, instead you will have a chance to complete any outstanding tasks, complete some of the Virtual School Journey challenges - if you haven't done so already, or you want to do more, and also for those of you who would like to, we have included some information about a poster competition that is being run by the R.A.F museum. There is a top prize of £100 - entries have to be in by 5th June.

Summer term week 5


If this was normal times, today we would be heading back home very tired after an action packed week. We would all be tired and ready to go home! However, in these strange times none of us are travelling very far from our homes at all. Thank you to those of you who have entered into the spirit of the virtual camp, hopefully you will still make some good memories. As it is officially half term next week, we will not be adding more English and Maths - back to that on 1st June, so be ready - instead we are giving you another week to complete the virtual school journey challenges. It really would be great to get at least a few challenges from you all!

If you cannot upload your work on google classroom, remember that you can email We will then add your work to the amazing work folder. Thank you to those that are already doing this. Look out for the daily questions - and if you have any good ideas for questions let us know!


Thank you to all of you who are joining in answering the daily question in Google classroom - we are learning lots about you. I know some of you have had problems with uploading work on there, but you should all be able to type in your answers to the questions. Remember if you cannot upload your work, you can still email it and we will share it here.

Thank you also to those who are completing different challenges in the Virtual school camp. We've had a really varied range of tasks completed. You can do them in any order. Would like to see a few more - maybe some of you are saving them up, to upload all together. Can't wait to see what you have done!


We've already had a few responses to the Virtual camp challenge. Sufyan has created an amazing camp, Angelika has baked, decorated her toilet, made her camp and more. Owen has designed his poster. I've attached a few pictures of Josh in his camp, and his Andy Warhol inspired artwork, so take a look. Come on the rest of you. Hope you keeping those bedrooms tidy!!

As you are aware, this week we should have all been packing our cases, and heading off on School journey. We are aware that this is for most, the highlight of your Primary school experience, and the thing that you will be most disappointed about missing.(We too are very sad sad)

In light of this, the Year 6 staff have decided, to leave our normal home learning for this week, and send you on a virtual school camp! Take a look at the document below. There are a range of challenges for you to complete. We want evidence of what you have done, so take lots of photos and either email them to the Year 6 email, or upload in the Google classroom. Get your families to join the fun. 

We know it doesn't make up for what you are missing - but at least it's not Maths and English!

Year 6 Virtual School Journey

Picture 1
Do you want to break a world record? TT rock stars are giving you the chance! If you are super speedy at answering your times tables, read the letter below for more information.

Its your birthday....

Happy Birthday to Ergun and Adar this Friday. We are sure you will have a fun packed day. Best wishes from all the Year 6 staff!

Summer term week 4


Take a look in the additional news section to see what the Whiting's Hill staff, have created for you to keep you entertained this time. 6S will see Mr Speed looking young and pensive. As for 6M and 6P - your teachers look something, just can't quite put it into words!!


Welcome Year 6, to what would have been your SATs week. Instead we enter another week of online learning. Please keep visiting our Google Classroom, where weekly maths and other activities are being set for you. There is a chance for you to share your skills, and your photography, as well as your learning. 

The priority for your learning is the Maths and English that we are posting on Google classroom - it can also be found in the Maths and Writing folders below. Please work at a pace that suits what you are capable of doing on each day - our intention is to support learning, but not to put parents or children under any unnecessary pressure.

On top of that  the Oak Academy English lessons are there as additional activities if you wish. This week it is all about writing instructions, to capture a strange creature. There are the usual reading activities on Monday and Tuesday, then a build up to creating your own written piece.

There is also the usual range of foundation subjects, so please do take a look!

Of course you also have BBC and Classroom secrets, the links are all below!


Check out the year 6 toilet roll challenge, put together by Joe. It is brilliant, and so great to see so many of your faces! It is in the amazing work folder below, and posted in the Google classroom.


Remember: You can still email us any pictures of things you are up to. Check out the amazing work folder, for some of the creative things that Hana and Anastasia have been doing!

Summer Term Week 3


Another glorious day outside. Again well done to those of you who are keeping up with your daily Google Classroom work. At present there are 35 of you who have signed up to the classroom, and wrote your letters, but of those only about 15 are doing the daily tasks. Please keep checking in, to see what work is posted. For those of you who have not signed up, a quick reminder the code to join is 7253tia - it's not too late. You can go back and have a go at past activities, or just start with the current ones. It really would be great to see more of you having a go!


As I looked outside this morning, I was blown away by the beauty of nature. Because of this I have decided to set you all a new challenge. I have added both to Google Classroom, and to the Get Ceative folder on here, a task for you to take a nature photo. Please check it out, and have a go if it inspires you.

Keep up the good work on Google classroom, we are getting more and more daily maths completed, and some of you have already handed in your poems. Keep it up Year 6. It's not too late if you haven't yet joined Google classroom - we are now up to 35 of you!



Thank you to those of you who completed the maths tasks in yesterdays Google classroom. It is great to see you have remembered so much. At present we have about half of the year group signed up to the classroom, although not all of those are completing all the tasks. In a dream scenario, we would like to see all of you having a go. If you are having any problems joining or adding work, please email and we will do our best to help. All the work that is in Google classroom, is also available here on the website, so you can email the work if that is easier.


Mr Jones is running a new School Travel Plan Competition where you have to design a futuristic, eco-travelling robot - please see the 'Travel competition' tab below for details. Email your entries to The deadline is Friday 22nd May. Good luck!


Well done to all of you who have been on to Google classroom and uploaded your work, we have really enjoyed reading your letters. From now on, as well as the work that you have here, there will be work in Google classroom. The maths is the same as the work on the website, but it gives us a chance to see what you are doing, and comment. There will also be a weekly English task (this can also be found in the Writing folder below, in Talk for writing, in case you are having difficulties with Google Classroom). 

This is in addition to the BBC bitesize, and Oak Academy work that is available. Please check both locations, and message if you have any difficulties.

This week's Maths, is revision of work on Fractions. Bitesize and Oak Academy English, focus on creating settings and using figurative language. Oak academy, follows the same structure as previous weeks - 2 days of reading, this time focussing on inference, a day looking at key features, then the last 2 days working on the writing focus. As always, any work you complete that is not in Google classroom, please email examples, as we love to see what you are doing.

There are some interesting Foundation lessons as well - take a look at the Spanish and Art, or if History is your thing there are some WW2 lessons. As always do your best, and do what you can.

Summer term WEEK 2


Happy Friday, and welcome to May. So we come to the end of another week. Your Friday maths challenge is in the maths folder. Thank you to all of you who have posted your letters. The rest of you, you have today and the weekend to get your letters in.

The Barnet Schools library service, have been sending out ideas for you to do linked to books - not surprisingly. There is a mixture of links to different sites, stories to listen to, plays to watch, books to read and things to make. There is also this week, a link to a writing competition, which caught my eye. You have to write a story either entitled, 'Boy with a Magnetic Bum', or there is a sentence that you have to include in a story of your choice. Take a look, the PowerPoint with all the links is in the Writing folder. If you do have a go, please email us your story, as well as entering it in to the competition. #write on

If you are more of a maker than a writer, I have added 10 Lego design challenges to the Get Creative folder. Choose the ones that interest you, and have a go.

Thank you to Ellie for sending in her Hippogriff-themed newspaper report and article - have a look for yourself in the Amazing Work folder.


It is great to see some of you have already logged in to google classroom, and have uploaded your letters, or are in the process of writing them. If you are in touch with any of your classmates, encourage them to do the same.

In other news, we received some great photos from Bracken, taking part in some of the challenges, from the Year 6 challenge sheet. Take a look and see in the Amazing work folder. If you haven't had a go at any of the challenges, why not have a go. Remember you need evidence of every challenge you do!


Today your parents and carers will be sent a new text message about using Google Classroom - make sure that you log onto the website following the instructions given. A new piece of work has been added to for you to work on - a letter to tell us what you have been up to! We are really hoping to have more interaction between you and us teachers - something we find quite hard at the moment. Good luck and make sure you have a look at the WAGOLL.



If you haven't seen it yet, go and look at the staff doing the toilet roll challenge in the additional news section of the website, I'm pretty sure it will make you smile!

For the creative members of our year group - and we know there are many of you - we have added some D and T projects to the Get Creative folder. Take a look and have a go at any that take your fancy.

Thank you to Hana and Amelia for sending in work to Take a look at their work and see what they have been up to in our 'Amazing work' folder. We love to see what you have been doing! 

Seeing that Amelia had done the Demelza writing task from the writing folder, I have added a new task linked to the book Cookie by Konnie Huq - take a look.


Hopefully you all managed to complete some of last weeks tasks. Week 2 will follow a similar format. Maths will be from White Rose (everything you need is in the maths folder below), with some links to BBC. Grammar and punctuation will be from BBC, and English from Oak Academy.

This weeks English task is all about information leaflets. Monday and Tuesday focuses on reading comprehension skills, particularly word meaning. Wednesday looks at levels of formality, and then at the end of the week you have a chance to plan and write your own information leaflet about the local area, or an area that you know a lot about. You could choose Barnet, London or have a good idea of your own choice of place. It is a chance for you to show what you have learnt from the sessions. The sessions also include spellings for you to learn, with a test at the end of the week.

If you didn't finish your news report from last week, complete those first - please send them in so we can take a look. If you don't want them added to the website, just say. We would still like to take a look.

Additional activities to support the Maths and English, will be added to Education City, and the link to Classroom Secrets gives you even more choice.

For other subjects - take your pick. There are lessons in BBC , Oak Academy  - you might want to have a go at the Spanish or Science sessions, and Classroom Secrets plus additional science, art, topic, music etc. in the folders below. There is a link to the RSNO in music with some great activities to try.

Any questions - please email year 6. Good luck everyone. Keep up the good work.

Summer Term WeeK 1

Hopefully you are getting to grips with the new work format. By the end of this week if you are following the Oak academy English unit, you should be writing a newspaper report linked to Harry Potter. It would be great to see what you produce, so please email finished pieces to the year 6 email, and of course, send in any thing else you produce this week.

Why not have a go at the Friday family maths challenge. It can be found with the rest of this weeks maths in the maths folder, in White Rose week 1. Answers to follow. Have a go!

As part of the BBC lessons for Friday, there is a PSHE unit all about transition to secondary school. Current year 7 pupils share their experiences, and talk about the changes. It would be well worth your taking a look.

Summer Term


A new illustrated children's book has been created to explore some of the common questions surrounding Coronavirus - please see the link at the bottom of this page to have a read.

Welcome  back to the beginning of our new term. Normally we would be spending this time preparing for SATs, but as we have none this year, and we are now aware that we have at least another 3 weeks of home learning, here we are instead. It is really important that we get you as ready as possible for your start at Secondary school.

Linked to this fact, you may be aware that the BBC have been busy putting together programmes and material for all pupils while off school. This starts on Monday 20th April. Each day there is a Maths, an English and a topic subject. There are videos to watch and follow up activities to complete. The maths links closely to White Rose - please look in the maths folder for more details. The learning covered is all important for your transition - so please try to follow the outline - especially the Maths and English.

The overview for week 1 is in the document below. 

Also below, you will find a link to Oak Academy online lessons. Having looked at this, it would be good for you to complete their English lessons, as they are more reading and writing based than the BBC. Feel free to do any of the other lessons they provide if they interest you.

For the independent activities linked to the videos for Oak academy, use the green circles at the bottom of the screen to take you to the different parts of the lesson. You can complete the answers on a piece of paper, then check them by going back to the video.

As well as the BBC content, we will still be adding other content to folders, so keep looking to see what is available. If you haven't had a go yet, there is a fun and interesting music topic, some new Science topics and activities, and additional Maths and English in the Hamilton Trust folders in Maths and Reading.

Take the time to look through the folders and see what is there.

Keep up with your RM maths where possible, and your TT Rock stars.

As always, we would love to hear from you - so keep emailing in. Please check here regularly for updates and information, and browse the folders to see what is there.


Do what you can, but don't worry if you don't get everything completed. Some is better than none. If you have any issues, concerns, want to send some work you have completed, or just want to say hi - remember the Year 6 email is up and running.

Internet safety

With children spending more time on computers than they probably have done before, it is part of our job to make sure they stay safe whilst using them. 

In the computer folder, we have added some activities linked to online safety for the children to complete ideally working with a parent. The activities are hopefully fun, and a good reminder of the best ways to keep safe.



The new Times Tables Rock Stars league starts today! There are now bonus points to be won, to make it more competitive! 

Take a look on the TTRS page on the website to get more information. 



Half term value

Half term value 1 Try to keep your passion, even when hard!
Take a look at Classroom secret kids, for some different learning activities and video tutorials.
We have added a messages from Year 6 staff folder. Go into your class page to see what your teachers and TAs have to say. If you are feeling nosy you can read the others too!

Keep in touch.Send in your contributions. 

It could be anything - a photo, a video - would just be lovely to hear from lots of you to see how it's going.

Story Time

We all enjoy being read a story. Click on the link below to hear David Walliams read you a daily short story


If you have  any questions rather than emailing the school office, please email the following. 

The address is:


Don't forget daily exercise

Don't forget daily exercise 1

Coronavirus - A Book for Children