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Year 1 Homework

Welcome to the Year 1 homework page!!

Thank you for checking the Year 1 Homework page. We have provided lots of useful information and links to aid your child's with their Home Learning.


Please help your children in completing daily Maths, Reading and Writing tasks for at least 15 minutes. It is incredibly beneficial to your child's learning to maintain these daily routines as much as possible. It is so important to allow your children to use their phonics knowledge while doing their home learning activities. The only time we focus on writing the words correctly is in spelling tests and when learning tricky words. We encourage the children to use the sounds they have learnt in Reception and Year 1. All the children are great at segmenting and blending sounds when writing independently.


Please explore all of the Year 1 homepage as you will access PE, Topic and other areas of the curriculum.There are a range of useful websites for you to use at home e.g. RM EasiMaths, Numbots, Education City and Oxford Owl. Your children have been showed how to access and use these websites, so they may be familiar with most of them.


Please feel free to email photographs of Home Learning tasks/activities to and we will post these onto the Year 1 web page.

N.B: Emails will not be responded to.


If you have any questions or need access to passwords, please get in contact through the email address below rather than emailing the school office:


We are aware there is a lot of information, activities, and websites that we have given to you so we understand that this may become overwhelming. We appreciate all that you are doing with your children and the photos you are sending in! We have provided a suggested timetable below to make everything a bit more focussed and organised. This timetable is not something you must stick to, it is simply an example of how to set out your day/week. If you wish to create your own timetable using the template that we have provided, then feel free to do so. You do not have the same activity at the same time everyday - mix it up and make it work for you. Remember that in a normal school day, the children have 2 break times and a lunch time. It is extremely important to allow frequent breaks in between activities as well, in order to sustain focus and attention. We hope this helps!


Your understanding and support has not gone unnoticed. We thank you very much for everything.

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