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18.5.20 - Jurassic


Task 1 - Question time

  • How do you think Tim is feeling? Why?
  • What has caused the jeep to stop moving?
  • Why is he all alone and being chased by a dinosaur?
  • Are there other dinosaurs or people close by?
  • How will Tim manage to escape?
  • If you could bring back the dinosaurs, would you? Why?
  • Do you think it will be possible to bring them back one day? Why?


Sentence challenge

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Please help.  Think about how you can improve the sentences to make them more interesting.


Can you include some adjectives? Adverbs?  Could you use a conjunction to extend one of the sentences?  Try to change the start of one of the sentences so it starts with a fronted adverbial.


The dinosaur ran towards the boy. It roared. He was scared. He got into the jeep



Grammar/punctuation challenge

Make a list of all of the noises a T-Rex might make whilst pursuing its prey.

Use these words in a sentence. They are called onomatopoeia – they sound like their meaning. E.g.  stomp, munch

Write 5 different sentences that include onomatopoeia.


Picture it

Imagine you are in charge of designing a dinosaur theme park.

Draw and label plan.

Think carefully about making it safe for the public and the dinosaurs.


Story starter

The engine screamed as the wheels spun round. His heart pounded. Tim knew that he only had seconds to act.

There was a long, moss-covered log wedged underneath the jeep, preventing it from moving. The wheels continued to spin pointlessly, smoke starting to billow out from underneath the bonnet.

A terrifying roar filled his ears, and he knew the monster was right behind him. He could feel the ground shake beneath him as its gigantic feet collided with the ground. He knew what would happen if it caught him, and muttered a prayer beneath his breath. The T-Rex let out another blood-chilling roar, determined not to let its prey escape…


Continue the story.







This week for English, we would like you to write a non-chronological report about the rainforest.  We started to plan/write these before school closed.  Remember, a non-chronological report is a non-fiction text which can be read in any order.

 It should include:

  • heading
  • sub-headings
  • pictures/diagram
  • be written in the third person 
  • use present tense
  • include a range of coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS)
  • bullet points for lists


You have all learnt a great deal about the rainforest so know you will be able to create a really interesting non-chronological report.  If you need to find out more information, you could use the internet to research facts.  We have saved some good websites to use further down the page.

You could do this on paper or using a laptop/tablet.  You can present your information however you would like to.

We have saved some examples below to help you and also uploaded  some documents you may want to use to help you. 

We would love to see your finished non-chronological reports so please email them to us.

Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge)

Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge) 1
Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge) 2
Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge) 3
Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge) 4
Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge) 5
Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge) 6
Non-Chronological Report Examples (tap/click on them to enlarge) 7

Conjunctions Song (FANBOYS)

Still image for this video

Want to write about something else?

Here are some ideas for different types of writing you could do at home...