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18.5.20 - grouping living things

This week, you are going to be learning about how you can group different living things.

You could start by going outside and seeing if you can find as many different living things as possible. You could take some photos to show us.

Then work your way through the Powerpoint and worksheets. 

Food Chains Lesson 2 - 11.5.20

This week, please continue learning about food chains.

We have put some activities to complete below and also some links to some games on the BBC website.


How and Why we need to look after our teeth

This week, we would like you to research how and why we need to look after our teeth.  Please present your findings by creating a poster, information booklet, PowerPoint or video.



Creative Challenge

Using play dough, make your own set of teeth (see the example below). If you don't have any play dough, you could make some, or be creative and use something different.

Don't forget to send us some photos.


Daily science investigations

We know lots of you enjoy doing science investigations so we are going to add a new one on each day. Enjoy!

Picture 1 6.5.20
Picture 2 4.5.20
Picture 3 1.5.20
Picture 4 30.4.20
Picture 1 29.4.20
Picture 2 28.4.20
Picture 3 27.4.20
Picture 4 24.4.20
Picture 5 23.4.20
Picture 6 22.4.20
Picture 7 21.4.20
Picture 8 20.4.20
Picture 9 3.4.20
Picture 10 2.4.20