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At Whitings Hill, we want all of our children to write purposefully, creatively and with enjoyment.

Aspects to consider when writing

There are a number of aspects to consider when writing. These include:

  • knowing what the purpose of our writing is and who we are writing for
  • thinking about the content and what form our writing will take. For example it might be a shopping list, a report, a letter to a friend, or an email
  • thinking about the structure appropriate to the purpose and form of our writing, including the use of sentences, paragraphs and punctuation
  • selecting the vocabulary that will best convey our meaning
  • thinking about how to spell the words we write


Supporting and encouraging your child

Children can find writing a real challenge. They need encouragement, support and praise for their efforts. You can best support your child by:

  • encouraging them to write on every possible occasion, praising their efforts and, importantly, letting them see you writing whenever possible
  • encouraging them to write for pleasure, not just to get better at writing. They might choose to write comics, poems or recipes - all of these give them a chance to apply writing skills around purpose, audience, language, layout and structure
  • playing word games with them, for example, I spy, Crosswords, Wordsearches and Change one letter puzzles
  • pointing to interesting or new words as you read with your child (without interrupting the flow of the story) or that come up in conversation. Help them to develop a fascination for new words and support them in trying to use them in different contexts
  • composing emails, letters, poems, stories together or even creating simple web pages

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