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Monday 29th June

Good morning to you all. I hope you all had a lovely week and managed to find some time to enjoy the sunshine.

I got a little cross in the week because some naughty foxes chewed through 2 of the rings in my lovely watermelon paddling pool!!!! So I had to throw it away as the holes were too big to mend!! But those of you who know me well, know I always have a plan B, so when it was really hot on Thursday, I had a spare smaller one and a water spray!!! A new one has been ordered! Let's hope the hot weather returns so as I can use it.

As an aside Miss Yates messaged me to say did I still have the chewed paddling pool as a friend of hers recycles old ones but unfortunately mine had already been thrown and collected. So if you do have an old one, ready to throw away, let Miss Yates know.

Spellings for the week....

Have a good week. I've got a busy weekend planned.... all will be revealed next Monday...

Take care, keep safe and keep smiling.

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

Monday 22nd June

As promised, a picture of my garden project......

Picture 1

Due to having to shield during the lockdown, this project has kept me very busy when I haven't been doing schoolwork. I now have something positive that has come out of this whole experience and something to be very proud of as many of the things have been re -cycled or up-cycled. It just shows what we are capable of if we put are mind to something...

This week's spellings.....

Take care, look after yourselves and enjoy the sunshine this week.

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

Monday 15th June ( mid way through the month...)

Good morning to you all. Thank goodness for a beautiful weekend, I am back up to date with my garden project. I'm awaiting a few more plants (hopefully this week) so when they arrive I'll be able to put them in their new homes and take a photo that I'll be able to share with you all next week.

If any of you have done a lockdown project in the garden or quite simply grown some seeds, I'd love to see. If so send me a picture to my email address - and I will reply.

Onto this week's spellings.......

Wishing you all a wonderful week whether you are back at school or still at home like me ;-(

Take care, keep safe and keep smiling :-)

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

Monday 8th June

It's Monday morning again, where did that week go?

I'm a little frustrated as in between schoolwork I wanted to continue with my garden development but the weather has scuppered my plans!!! The plants are happy though, even if I'm not!

Onto today's spellings.......

Wishing you all a wonderful week, whether it is at home or school and fingers crossed for the sun to come out 'to play' again so as I can get my paddling pool back out and continue with my garden plans......

Take care, keep safe and keep smiling :-)

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

ps don't forget to come and join me on my journey around Europe on Mr Mcloughlin's page.......

Monday 1st June

Good morning to you all. In spite of the circumstances I hope you all had a lovely half term either in the garden if you are lucky enough to have one or visiting local parks or nature areas for walks. The natural world is beautiful at the minute.

As I belong in the shielding category, I have had had to stay at home, but as I've told you before I am lucky enough to have a lovely big garden and at the weekend 'Mr Amazon' brought me a lovely new paddling pool to dip my toes in ;-) You're never to old for a paddling pool :-)

Well today is the first day of our last half term together and online learning continues..... so here are this week's spellings.

Take care, look after yourselves and others and keep smiling.

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

Ps Don't forget to come 'travelling with me' on my Euro 2020 page on Mr Mcloughlin's homework for all page.

Monday 18th May

Good morning all and what a beautiful sunny morning it is. If you are lucky enough to have access to some outside space, make sure you go and use it and take a look around, so much is happening a the moment, buds and flowers are 'springing up' everywhere.

I'm currently renovating part of my garden, I divided the work into 6 phases.  Yesterday I completed Phase 3 and later his afternoon, when I've finished my work on the web pages I'll be carrying out Phase 4- planting some plants that I've grown from tiny seedlings. These will hopefully grow into a variety of flowers. If they do, I'll make sure I share the pictures with you all.

Just to let you know, there is a new project on Mr McLoughlin's homework for all page - it is linked  to Euro 2020, that is now Euro 2021!!!

Next week is half term, so there will be no spellings, enjoy your week off.

So until Monday June 1st, take care, keep smiling and enjoy the world around you.

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

Monday 11th May

Good morning year 3,

It's Monday morning again! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, especially if you did something to celebrate VE Day. If you did and took any photos and you'd like to share them, please remember to send them to and I'll put them on the school VE Day web page.

I had a look at your toilet roll challenge, you all look like you had a lot of fun and it was lovely to see your happy, smiling faces.

Until next week, take care and keep smiling :-)

Miss Ogden xx

Monday 4th May

Good morning to you all :-)

Today is my mum's birthday and in different circumstances, I would have been in Lincoln celebrating with her and my family but I'm not, so instead I had a lovely FaceTime chat with her, used delivery companies and my brother Ian for her presents and sang Happy Birthday to her at 8AM.

As all that know me well know, there is always a plan B;-)

Which leads me onto the spellings....... some people were not able to access the Word version so I've put each sheet on as Word and PDF format.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and don't forget to check out my VE Day page on My McLoughlin's page, I'm adding ideas, activities and information daily, today everything is going to be linked to food.

Take care, keep safe and keep smiling.

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

Tuesday 28th April

As requested by a parent, the spellings to be in a PDF format a well as word.

From next Monday the spellings will be in Word and PDF format.

Take care.

Love Miss Ogden xx

Monday 27th April

Welcome to another Monday year 3 :-)

I hope you are managing to keep safe and well and were able to enjoy some or lots of the sunshine that we had last week. I think it will be more of an indoor learning week this week!!! Rain is forecast! Not good for humans but the plants will be very happy ;-)

Don't forget that if you don't know a word, you can look it up in a dictionary or Google it!

I learnt a new word last week - indefatigable - persisting tirelessly. Said about me by a friend but a perfect word for our Front Line workers at this time. 

The St. George's Day competition is now over but keep an eye on Mr Mcloughlin's homework page as I'm going to launch a new page for VE Day - May8th.

Love to you all, take care and keep smiling. I miss you all.

Miss Ogden xx


Good morning year 3 and welcome to the summer term.

I know this will be a very different summer term but I know your teachers and teaching assistants are working hard to give you lots of activities to choose from.

Every Monday, for as long as we are off, I will continue to put a new spelling list and an activity for you to have a go at.

Look after yourselves, get out when you can and keep smiling.

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx

ps Thank you to those who have already entered the St George's day competition - I have been very impressed with the creativity and imagination of the entries. If you haven't, there is still time - check out Mr McLoughlin's homework for all page xx


Please practice your spellings. We will update them weekly and we are making plans to have a weekly spelling test so keep watching this space - you never know who might appear!

Spellings adding the suffix ly to words ending with y & le

Spellings 2.4.2020

This week's spellings are already on here - Thank you Miss Ogden.

We are practicing the spelling patterns -sure, -ture, -cher,- tcher.


Dear Year 3,

In addition to the spellings you've already got, I've been asked, during the term time, to put a weekly spelling list up for you as well. I've also included an activity for you to have a go at.

Maybe you could paint or colour your spellings..

Keep safe and look after each other.

Lots of love Miss Ogden xx