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Summer Term - Week 1

Bedtime for Monsters is perfect for exploring journeys and travelling. You may want to:

Look at homes and habitats – why do different animals and creatures live where they do?

Investigate more maps, tube, bus, local area. On your daily walk can you look at signs and symbols that give instructions or directions for a journey. Make own signs and draw own maps on a small and large scale 

Use a variety of media and techniques to represent and make own monsters.

Make monster masks to re-enact the story

Create a monster den / cave in your house.

Encourage children to make:

A Factsheet about their monster – What he looks like, where he lives, what he does

Letters- to invite the monster to visit school, home, monster party

Maps of the story setting to help people to find the monster’s cave

A menu of the monster’s favourite things to eat

Don't forget to show us on tapestry what you have been doing! We are very excited to see what you have been doing!