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SMSC stands for Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural. It underpins all aspects of the curriculum and school life.

How are the SMSC curriculum and British Values covered in our school?

The following document has elements written in red.

The sections in red outline the implementation of SMSC in the school.

As a school we are very committed to supporting local and international initiatives. The children have many opportunities to develop their awareness of children around the world and to raise money to support others.

Each of the four houses select a charity to support. Nupton House recently had a fund raising day for Noahs Ark Animal Shelter, a local charity where children can visit rescue animals.

Fund Raising - part of our social responsibility. Noahs Ark, Sports for schools, Sports Relief

A visit from the London Fire Service. They are learning about people in our community that can help us.

Year 3 having been learning about different cultures. They made models of famous buildings and landmarks. An atlas was used to locate the countries.

3J develop their communication and co-operation skills