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Parents reading afternoon

Thank you so much to the parents who braved the stormy weather to come in and read with the children today. The children enjoyed having stories read to them and wanted more! 


Who took Ella & the trophy this week?

30th September 2019

Next week we will be celebrating The 10th Anniversary of Whitings Hill School! We will be looking at the history of the school and talking about the buildings in the local area such as the spires and the church. We will be looking at and creating our own maps of the children’s journeys to school. The children will also take part in creating the school and junk model buildings in the art area. If you attended Whitings Hill School when you were younger and would like to share your experiences or photographs with the children please talk to a member of staff.

20th September 2019

We are pleased to say that all the children have started well and they have settled in and are getting to know each other and our class routines.

Next week we will be focusing on the book “Naughty Bus”. We will be reading and talking about the story, painting roads and trucks, role playing the story and making buses.

This term we will be supporting the children to develop their independence. We will be encouraging the children to put on and take off their jumper or cardigan independently. If they do so they will receive a special sticker. Please can you support your child by helping them to put on/take off their jumpers by themselves.

Who took Ella this week?

13th September 2019

Welcome to the first Reception newsletter of the year! This will be distributed each week so parents/carers are aware of the following week’s activities.

The children have settled in well and are getting to know each other and our class routines. 

We will display our weekly timetables on the windows near the entrance to the classroom for you all to have a look at.

Next week we will be exploring the book ‘Mess Monsters’ by Beth Shoshan. The story reinforces the importance of looking after our toys and equipment and tidying up after we have finished playing. The children will be working hard to develop this skill and will learn about how they can have an effect on improving our environment, pollution and recycling. Continuing with this theme the children will have fun creating some brilliant pieces of Monster art as well as learning the Mess Monster song.

Who took Ella this week?

Our Fun Day

We were very lucky to have the sun shining on our fun day. All the children had fun on the bouncy castle, plating games in the playground, getting tattoos and eating delicious fruit. We hope all the parents had fun meeting each other too at the beginning of the year.