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18th September 2020

Welcome back to everyone, so far so good. The children have been really sensible about entering nursery on their own. We know this has been hard for some parents, the children are still very small and it is always nicer if parents can come in and settle their child before leaving them. We would like to thank everyone for helping us make these changes run so smoothly.

As parents will now have less access to staff at drop off and pick up times, if you have any questions that can wait please email the office, (putting for the attention of nursery.) However, if you have a concern or question that cannot wait, please do not hesitate to gain our attention at the door. One of us will come out and speak to you and pass on the info to the rest of the staff.

Clothing When dressing your child for nursery please remember that the children access paint, play dough, water and other messy activities during the session.  In order to help your child become as independent as possible in nursery, please send them in clothes that make it as easy as possible for them. Elasticated trousers for example, are easier for them to pull up and down when using the toilets. Velcro shoes and looser socks will enable them to take off and put their own shoes in PE. Writing their name or drawing a little picture on their coat/hat/scarf/gloves label will hopefully avoid getting them mixed up.  Children can bring in a change of clothes in their bag each day in case they get wet. (We do have spare clothes in nursery. If your child comes home in school clothes can you please wash them before returning them to us.) Finally, please remember, socks not tights on PE days! Thank you

Enjoy your weekend and see you all next week,

24th September 2020

The children are all settling in very well, they are getting used to our new routines, which involve lots of hand washing! They are getting used to finding their way round nursery and accessing all the areas and the equipment that is set out each day. We have been able to have a walk around the outside areas of the school to see our allotment area and hopefully we will introduce them to PE in the big hall next week. The older children who are familiar with nursery have been very sensible and helpful with the new children, showing them where things are and helping the teachers!

Next week we are going to base our activities on the story of the Three Bears. (If you are not familiar with the story, google Oxbridge babies the three bears, and a video of the story will come up.)

I am including a vocabulary sheet with the newsletter. These are words related to the theme, and we ask parents to look at these words with their children. The idea is to extend and consolidate the children’s vocabulary. See if your child knows and understands the words, if not you explain them, if it’s an object or an action show them examples, and then over the week encourage the children to use the words themselves in sentences.

I have sent out the Tapestry links this week, some parents have already set up their logins. So please do look out on your emails and check the spam folders over the weekend. If you do not receive an email link please let us know next week and we will check we have entered your email address correctly.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Oxbridge Baby

Description: Watch Goldilocks and the Three Bears