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Coral Reef calm music

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In this uncertain time, you might be feeling worried, nervous, sad or scared. On top of that, you have to do all your learning at home, which may make you feel stressed, anxious and tired. Your parents and carers are working so hard to make sure you are still doing your work, as well as doing their own work for their jobs, making sure you all have food to eat and a tidy house, so they might also have some of these feelings too.


We thought it might be nice to have a section on the Year 1 homepage where you can go to, to chill and relax your mind. Why not have a go? Take 5-10 minutes at the beginning or the end of your working day or just before bedtime to try and bring some calmness and happiness to your mind and body. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and listen to the calm music and sounds. Click on some of the videos or websites below. We will continue to add more videos/sounds/resources/website that we think might be helpful. Feel free to share with us the things that help you to relax.

Meditation and movement

Listen to the instruction and join in with the videos. Deep breaths and slow calming movements.

Calming sounds and music

Just sit, watch and listen to calm music and sounds. You can even close your eyes, take deep breaths and feel the relaxation.

Meditation stories

Close your eyes, listen to the different stories and your imagination.

Mindfulness colouring

Why not do some colouring - it is relaxing, promise! (adults enjoy colouring in too you know!)

Websites to visit

Follow these website for some more tips and tricks and information about relaxation, mindfulness and meditation.