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Year 5 Regular Updates

Regular Updates


On this page Mr Jones and Miss Murphy will write regular updates so that we can keep in contact with you. The most recent update will be first.



Thanks for the lovely nature images and Art Challenge creations. I have put them up. Maths activities and answers for week beginning June 1st are on the main page and in Google classroom. There is also an English assignment.




More Nature Gallery pictures put on the site. There are some very powerful and interesting images.

Well done.



Thanks for the contributions for the Nature Gallery.

Mr Jones



Have a nice half term.

Mr Jones



Good afternoon Y5. It is hot, hot, hot so I’m staying indoors writing this and thinking about what to cook for tea later. I can’t decide what to eat yet so will decide later. On our Y5 Google Classroom I have put a quick reminder on how to find and use the lowest common multiple (LCM) when you are wrestling with fractions. I’ve had a couple of messages from people who are feeling fractious about fractions (thank you Mr Jones, it is a great word) so I thought a recap was in order to get you going again. Don’t worry though as we are moving onto decimals next week so only a bit longer getting our heads around what to do with a fraction that refuses to co-operate and behave itself!


Chester - ahh, what can I say, the little lad has recovered from his vomiting which is a great relief. I am so glad we had his hair cut earlier this week because it makes it much easier for him to stay comfortable in this heat. He spends most of his time sleeping when it gets too hot for him and at this very minute he is zonked out on his armchair snoring away contentedly. I think he is dreaming about running or chasing something because his paws start moving every now and again. 

I have a new hobby and it is watching the Channel 4 television programme Countdown. I like it and try to solve the letter and number puzzles, it keeps my brain active and I have noticed that I’m getting better at it the more I watch it. If you haven’t seen it then give it a go. The programme is on Channel 4 each week day afternoon. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.


Fractions can indeed be your friend - but they can make you fractious. I know you are working very hard with your maths assignments, some of you are even turning in extra work! Keep plugging away.

Mr Jones



Good morning Y5. Guess what? Fractions are your friend! What’s that I hear you say? Oh no they are not! Well, judging by the White Rose Maths tasks on fractions that people have turned in on Google Classroom, fractions are definitely friends with you whether you like it or not. How do I know that? That’s easy, when I’ve looked at the turned in fractions work I can clearly see that people have remembered to find the LCM when dealing with fractions that have different denominators. If you can find the LCM of fractions you have the key to the kingdom of fractions - comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, converting to mixed numbers and simplifying them - I’m surrounded by fraction geniuses and that makes me extremely happy. Keep it up and never give up.


Chester news now, my poor poppet has been sick. I took him out this morning and he ate something off the floor before I could stop him - I do wish people would drop rubbish/unwanted food in bins and not on the floor - he scoffed it (I don’t know what it was as he swallowed it so quickly I didn’t even see it) and seemed pleased he had found himself an extra breakfast. Well fast forward an hour and Chester was definitely not pleased with himself because he had stomach ache and ended up vomiting in our garden, lovely - not. So now he has to rest his stomach and will not be allowed to eat anything until late this evening and maybe not even until tomorrow if he is sick again today. Vets always say if a dog is vomiting they should not be given food for 24 hours to allow them to recover and rest their stomachs. I will make sure he gets lots of cuddles and fuss instead of food but if it was a choice between me and a bit of cheese or a chocolate button I think I would lose. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



That's the answer to my hair problem. Go to the dog groomers. Perhaps I should try that.

Anyway, a massive thank-you to all the grown ups out there helping with Google Classroom lessons and challenges and emailing work for the home learning gallery. I do feel for you trying to remember maths from when you were in school. I look at some of the tasks we have to teach your children and I can remember doing those types of problems in Secondary School! Fractions make me fractious sometimes as well. Seriously though, thank -you for everything. 

Have a wonderful sunny day.

Now internet find me a dog groomers that can sort out my hair.  

Mr Jones aka Captain Caveman (google it)



Well what can I say? Chester went to the dog groomers yesterday covered in thick long hair and returned three hours later practically shaved! He is now delighted with himself and is patrolling our house and garden without a care in the world and enjoying the fact that he is as cool as a cucumber because he has almost no hair on his body. The most interesting thing about his new look are his ears. When he was covered in fur his ears looked the right size for his body but now he has no fur his ears look three sizes too big for his body - they look enormous- I think he would be able to take off if he ran fast enough! His legs look so skinny and he is pawing and prancing around like someone who has just taken a thick winter coat off on a hot day. Chester’s haircut has been a big success, he is one very happy miniature schnauzer.


While I’m talking about being happy I want to give all the people who are turning in work on Google Classroom a big well done from me. I thoroughly enjoy looking at the work you are completing so keep it up. Have a lovely time in the sunshine today - while social distancing of course! Kind regards, Miss Murphy.


A  saying I live my life by.

Mr Jones




Good morning Y5, it is Monday and the start of a new week. The weather is supposed to be very good this week so get outside as much as you can while staying safe and social distancing.  Have you been on Google Classroom yet today? If not, go and have a look as there are new assignments and two challenges for you to complete. Hopefully you have watched the staff video about creating your own version of a painting, well now it’s your turn. See what you can come up with. I look forward to seeing them.

Chester is finally going to the dog groomers tomorrow  for a much needed hair cut. At the moment he looks like a ball of fluff and the more I brush him the more he tries to grab the brush and run off with it. I am glad he is having his hair cut as the weather is getting hotter and with short fur he will be much cooler. I will let you know tomorrow if he behaved himself during his hair cut. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



Are you going to accept the TTROCKSTAR Challenge? Information on our main page and Google Classroom.

Good Luck!

Mr Jones



Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you
Everywhere you go, always take the weather
Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you
Everywhere you go, always take the weather, the weather with you

I seem to be looking at news feeds all the time about when schools will re-open. I am not sure why I keep looking - the news always seems to change from one minute to the next, from one hour and one day to the next. I guess that's why they call it the news - because it is NEW. Anyway, it seems to change as much as the weather. Yesterday I put a coat on to go out for a walk as it was chilly and today the sun is blazing down again. I cannot control the weather - I can only control what I wear. I cannot predict when school will reopen - I can only wait to find out.

Have a good day.

Mr Jones



What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours
Bought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain


The sun was shining over the village yesterday and I managed to sit in my garden with a cup of tea and a biscuit. It was very strange seeing some of the other teachers when we had an online meeting to discuss Google Classroom. I have to say that I should win the most hair grown since March award as the other teachers looked remarkably neat and tidy.

I can't help myself - I see some work posted on Google Classroom and I just have to reply to it - whether it is 5J or 5M. You will just have to forgive me. I think the most important thing to realise is that Ms Murphy and I are a team and we work together. You are, all of you, OUR online class. It is lovely that some of you have sent letters to both of us, using both of our names. Please don't think of yourselves as 5J or 5M - we are YEAR 5.

Anyway - Matilda has been busy. Check out the video on the Home Learning Gallery. 

Well today being Saturday I shall have a quick look at Google Classroom, check out other Year Group pages on the WHS site and then do some household jobs and cooking.

Oh, and probably have a biscuit.

Or two.

Maybe three.


Now, where is that tape measure to see how long my hair is...

Mr Jones



Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about


Now to check out your Google Classroom work.

Have a good day.

Mr Jones



Good morning to those of you that read this page. Ms Murphy - do you think it is only you and I that read this page?   I am sure that some of the year group check this page out. Anyway, a massive thanks to Poppy and mum for all the photos from Lockdown - and videos. Poppy was able to use Google classroom to ask me if I had received the email with her work. Please use to send anything in. Let us have some of your Creative Pictures based on famous paintings please.

New assignments put on for next week on google classroom and for those of you not signed in to Google classroom you can find the links on our Year 5 homework page. I know it is only Thursday but the teachers have an online Google Meeting tomorrow so I am going to make sure I know what I am doing by checking out the instructions on how to join the video stream.

Anyway back to work - I have just finished my Online Homework. Yes even teachers have homework you know.

Take care

Mr Jones



Good afternoon Y5, This morning I spent time looking at the work you are completing and returning on Google Classroom. Please make sure you read the comments left by either Mr Jones or myself. I can see many of you have been very busy keeping up with your learning so well done.


Chester is currently next to me having a nap on the sofa. Earlier today, after a mad session doing zoomies in our garden (if you are not sure what zoomies are it is the word many dog owners use to describe their dog running around extremely fast in a small space until they collapse in a happy and tired heap) he came indoors limping a little bit on his left front paw. He looked very sorry for himself and after he let me examine his paw/leg (I couldn’t find anything stuck in his pads) I had to give him a chocolate button to cheer him up - it’s a good job we’ve had a shopping delivery that included chocolate buttons - he is now under strict instructions from me to rest his leg for the remainder of today. I’m sure he has just strained a muscle and will be fine tomorrow. He is a very good patient and will happily rest his leg as long as I give him lots of fuss such as tickling his ears and tummy.



I have been messaged by a very helpful mum that the other Year Groups have put the answers for White Rose Maths activities on to their Homework Pages. I do try to have a look at the other year groups but sometimes I miss what they may have done. I will put the answers on each week, can I ask that you have a go at solving the problems first though please? The answer sheets will be there if you get stuck. I know I can trust you as you like a challenge.

Mr Jones



Google classroom: Thank-you very much for all the work. Some of you are turning in more work than we ask you to, brilliant. Please make sure you read the comments we put on for you. From now on I shall  do 5J and Ms Murphy will do 5M. Another thank-you, this time to 5M: thank-you for letting me comment on the work you have turned in. I have really enjoyed reading your letters and stories and looking at the maths work. Yes 5J, I also enjoy looking at your work as well - I am a nice person really you know.

Stay safe

Mr Jones



Good evening Year 5. Just to make it clear - We have been asked to remove the due dates for Maths work and English. I did think it was a bit unfair to have due dates for turning in work - we don't all have access to a laptop at the same time and feedback from some parents to Mr McLoughlin was saying it was tricky to get the work done and turned in on time. Instead you will find I have put the maths work in the order that you should do them in and put the date for this week beginning 11 May 2020. I hope this helps everyone. Turn the work in when you are able to, we will keep on checking each day under each piece of work.
Mr Jones



Good afternoon Y5, it is Monday again - it seems to come round very quickly to me. I am writing this while sitting on my sofa with Chester cuddled up next to me (he is having a mid afternoon nap and snoring gently) I did go out for a walk with him this morning and it was so cold and windy that we didn’t last very long and we soon came home for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

I spent time on Google Classroom this morning looking at all your work that has been handed in, I read more letters about life in lockdown, stories inspired by Pobble365 images and checked the maths people have been doing. I was really pleased with everything I saw so well done everyone and keep up the hard work. 


Chester’s fur seems to be getting longer every day and I have resorted to giving him little haircuts when he is asleep. What I do is wait for him to fall asleep then I get the scissors and creep up on him and carefully snip bits of fur off him until he wakes up and realises what I am doing and runs off. I think that at the rate we are going I should have finished his haircut by Christmas! It’s a good job Chester is going to the dog groomers next Tuesday for a proper haircut, I think our dog groomers are in for a surprise when they see Chester because his leg fur is short up to just above his paws and then his fur is long and sticks out, imagine someone in tight fitting socks up to their knees then really enormous wide trousers from the knees up. To be honest it is not a good look but Chester does get messy paws (with dirt getting stuck in his pads) so cutting his hair makes sense even if it does look a bit unusual. I think I will stick to teaching and not become a hairdresser. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



I have put the activities for White Rose Maths on Google Classroom and, for anyone who hasn't signed up for Google Classroom, onto the main Year 5 Homework page.

Writing for this week is also included. Follow the link.

Mr Jones




Confession, they say, is good for the soul.

Well, here is a confession - I am really sorry that it has taken me more than two days to respond to your Google Classroom posts. As the days turn into weeks I seem to be experiencing more problems on my computer. If you are in 5J you should know how much 'fun' I have with the laptop not working properly. Anyway I am taking a break from Google Classroom, (I have 13 more pieces of maths work to check and return) and I have been updating the homework page for everyone. Those of you that look at it regularly will notice some things have been updated and others moved. The biggest change is White Rose Maths. I have removed the link to their site as they are no longer making the activities for free access.


The amazing Mr McLoughlin and Ms Goldwater have made sure that Whitings Hill can provide access through Google Classroom to the activities. All I have to do is create the assignment and post it on Google Classrooms. I am getting quicker - hopefully.

That brings me back to where I started - Google classrooms. Please, please, please if you send in jpegs of your work can you please take the picture landscape - read why under the Google Classroom section. I shall now finish of returning assignments.


Have a good day.

Mr Jones



Don't forget you can still send work in for the Home Learning Gallery and I will keep adding it. Google Classroom seems to be working for most of you as I am getting more of you attaching files when turning in work.

Keep it up.

Mr Jones



Good morning Y5, tomorrow is a very special day, it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The V stands for Victory and the E stands for Europe. VE Day was Tuesday 8th May 1945 and it marked the end of World War Two.  The UK is celebrating tomorrow with a bank holiday and if you watch television tomorrow you will see lots of documentaries, films and other programmes about the end of WWII and how people celebrated the original VE Day in 1945. The Queen will speak to the nation at 9pm tomorrow evening. I will be watching television tomorrow as my Grandad and his brother (my Uncle Percy) we’re both soldiers in WWII and I remember my Grandma telling me, when I was a child, about her memories of VE Day in 1945. I remember how she told me how happy she was that my Grandad (her husband) would be coming home after being away in the army for five years. Try to take part in Miss Ogden’s VE Day home learning, the details are on Mr McLoughlin’s Home Learning for Everyone page.


Chester has been a sleepy head this morning, I got up at 7am and he went out in the garden for two minutes for a sniff and to go to the loo then he took himself back to bed and he is still there! I just tried to get him up again and he opened one eye and looked at me then shut his eye again and did a little snore - what a lazy little dog he is today. I tried to tempt him with his breakfast (he has a tiny bit of his dog food for breakfast each morning) but he turned his nose up at it, I bet if i had a chocolate button or a piece of cheese he would have come down the stairs at the speed of light. I think he is being clever - he thinks that in the end I will get a chocolate button out for him so he comes down, I won’t though as I’ve eaten them all!


Good morning Y5, I hope you are safe and well. The sun is shining and there is a red admiral butterfly fluttering around the flowers in my garden. The red admiral has always been my favourite butterfly and when I was at school many years ago (if my memory is correct I was in Y4 and my teacher was called Mrs Bowl) we were given a task to write a report about an insect of our choice. I picked the red admiral butterfly and did my research and wrote my report, well I won a prize for my work and I was so pleased. The prize was a balsa wood aeroplane and once I had put it together I flew it off the balcony of our flat and it seemed that it flew for miles before landing on some grass.

May is one of my favourite months as I really enjoy watching the trees, plants and animals flourishing in the warm sunshine. Chester does not take kindly to birds, butterflies or bees coming into our garden and he thinks it is his duty to make them leave as soon as he spots them. Luckily my sister has taken him out for a short walk so all the insects who live in or visit my garden (we grow lots of flowers) can buzz and flutter about in peace for a little while. Kind regards, Miss Murphy



I hope you are finding Google Classrooms useful. This is what the teachers do when you have turned work in:

1. Look in Year 5 classroom

2. Click on the assignment

3. Click on view the assignment

4. Look in the Turned In section - you won't be able to see that, it's for teachers only

5. Click on students name

6. Click on the document child has sent

7. Read document (if you have attached it of course)

8. Write a post (a message to the student)

9. Click on return (that sends the post to you)

10. We then check that your name has gone from  the turned in list to the returned work list


It does get quicker, but I have to admit I am still forgetting to do things at some stages. That is why I have put the list here, for you to see and to REMIND ME!


This is how you attach work

1. click on classwork tab at the top,

2. then click on assignment, when that opens up

3. click on view assignment in blue at the bottom.

Then there is a box on the top right that says Your Work and click +add or create and choose docs from the drop down menu.

Then start typing and when you have finished click the turn in button top right


Can I say a massive thank-you to all the grown ups out there who are helping you, and me, get you set up and using the different internet sites and pages on Year 5 Homework that you can use. My appreciation can not be put into words, but it comes from the heart.

Mr Jones



Well thank-you to all the work posted on Google Classroom. Please remember to turn your work in properly. We will get there. You will notice Ms Murphy has started to post messages to her class. Can I say well done to 5M for keeping up with the work and Ms Murphy will be in touch. I will now just do 5J work. I have asked some of you to turn your work in using the proper method - it's the way Google Classroom works I'm afraid.

I hope you are keeping well.

Mr Jones



I’ve had a very busy morning, I have done some washing, put some shopping away, logged onto Google Classroom, walked Chester and started to re-organise a cupboard. Now I am sitting on my sofa with my current book. It’s a crime/mystery story and I am really enjoying it. Every time I think I have worked out ‘who did it’ something comes up in the plot and I realise its not the character I think it was. I don’t want the book to end because it is so good but at the same time I want to get to the end to find out who the baddie is and how they managed to do what they did without any of the other characters realising it was them. Does what I have just written make sense? It does to me but you might think that the book has sent me a little bit crazy!

Chester’s fur is getting too long now and because he is a schnauzer he has two layers of hair, the underneath layer is very soft and is there to keep him warm and the top layer is wiry and designed to keep him dry. The trouble is that once his fur gets too long the soft under layer can get knots in it from when he rubs himself on the sofa, carpet, armchair, grass, bushes - Chester loves to rub his back by rolling around all over the place. The only way to get the knots out of his hair is to give him a haircut (he is booked into our dog groomers for a bath and haircut in two weeks) or to brush him. Well let me tell you, Chester has this game that he loves to play and it is called ‘Grab the Brush and Run Off with It and Never Give It Back.’  He has to be bribed with a chocolate button to stay still for a minute while being brushed. Today my sister held the chocolate button in front of him while I held onto him with one hand and brushed him with the other. He became hypnotised by the chocolate button and dribbled while I gave him the quickest brush ever. His reward was to eat the chocolate button but to be honest he swallowed it so fast I don’t think he even tasted it. I know dogs should not really have chocolate but we have run out of cheese (Chester’s number one treat) so the button had to do. He is a silly little dog but he means the world to us and brings us lots of love and fun. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



 "A long time ago in a SCHOOL far, far away...." Do you see what I have done there?

And for tomorrow (okay so I took this from the internet as well. It is based on a famous painting of the French Emperor Napoleon.)

Take care

Mr Jones



Happy Star Wars day Y5 (if you don’t know what this means check on the internet). It is Monday again, even though we are all at home the weeks do seem to be passing quickly. If you have not logged on to Google Classroom please do so as there are many interesting learning opportunities on there for you to participate in. I enjoyed reading your letters about what you have been doing during lockdown. I was pleased to read that so many of you have been learning to cook. This is a perfect time to learn how to cook meals and bake cakes and all sorts of tasty things. I haven’t baked a cake yet but yesterday I did make roast potatoes and even if I say it myself they were the best roast potatoes I have ever made - fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. I actually made too many on purpose so that I can have the leftovers today. Kind Regards, Miss Murphy.



I didn't have time to post anything yesterday as I was busy sorting through emails from other teachers about Google Classroom and replying to your Letters from Lockdown. That was our first Google Classroom activity and well done to all of you that have turned your work in.

There are two new activities on Google Classroom, a Pobble 365 activity and White Rose Maths.

It is now lunch time as I write this update and I have been sat here for four hours already sorting out the Year 5 Homework page, adding First News, emailing, texting, posting work on the Gallery and Google Classroom and replying to students work. 

I think I will, if it is okay with everyone, stop now - have a rice crispy cake made by my daughter, have some lunch and do some art work this afternoon.



Good evening

Here are the updates to the updates:

More work handed in on Google Classroom,

Work put on the gallery - Alexis you have been busy!

A very spicy peri-peri chicken and rice cooked by my daughter.

Coffee flavoured ice-cream, enjoyed by me. I might have to sneak some more if no one is looking...

Lots of emails to other teachers.

More activities put on various parts of the Year 5 Homework Page

BBC and Oak Academy updated and a new link to White Rose Maths and Classroom Secrets added.

One headache after looking at the computer all evening.

Time check - 9:20 pm ............

Mr Jones signing off


And ........... sleep!



Good afternoon.

Here are the updates:

Google Classroom up and running and lots of work turned in.

Replies to those letters that have been turned in by students (how very American!) done

Link added about how to turn in assignments.

Twinkl pages put on for next week. I will do First News, BBC and Oak Academy when they become available.

Gmail checked for any work. Nothing yet but it is only 2:00pm.

Three cups of tea and one Cappucino drunk.

Breakfast and lunch eaten.

Three chocolate biscuits eaten - with perhaps a fourth one on the way if I can sneak it out of the biscuit tine without anyone seeing it!!

Two chapters read.

Car taken for a service - ask your grown ups what that means.

Emails to colleagues checked and responded to.

Updates ended...

Mr Jones


Oh yeh, and have a nice weekend and take care everyone.



Hello Y5, today is the 1st May, it is one of my favourite months as I enjoy watching the trees, plants, flowers and animals that grow and flourish in the sunshine. Did I say sunshine? Actually outside at this very moment it is pouring with rain and hailstones were falling a few minutes ago. At least all this rain will give all the trees and plants a much needed drink. I have noticed that after lots of rain the grass, leaves and plants all look really green and healthy, a bit like when a person is very thirsty and then has a big drink to quench their thirst. Chester was not sure of the hailstones and watched them from the safety of his favourite armchair, he must have decided that they were not a danger to him because he is now having a nap. Enjoy your weekend, help your parents as much as you can. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



 Another rainy day in the village. Still never mind, it has me thinking of some songs with rain in them. Sometimes in the staff room Ms Murphy and I would play the song game - think of as many songs with a certain word in it. Today, the word is rain. These are the lyrics from a favourite song, Singing in the Rain, from the film, can you guess? That's right, Singing in the Rain.

                                                       Let the stormy clouds chase.
                                                       Everyone from the place
                                                       Come on with the rain
                                                       I've a smile on my face
                                                       I walk down the lane
                                                       With a happy refrain
                                                      Just singing,
                                                      Singing in the rain
                                                      Dancing in the rain...

How many songs can you think of with the word rain in them?

Mr Jones



Good afternoon! No, I haven't just turned the computer on and logged in. I have been working since about 9:00 this morning, and, as I type, it is about 3:00 in the afternoon. No reading yet today. I am currently reading a book about Saxon England full of unusual names and even more unusual characters! I think it is about book 9 in the series - just checked it is actually book 12! The time today has flown by and the years seem to have flown by as well since I started reading the series of Saxon books (the first one was published in 2004!)

In addition to Ms Murphy's comment about pets please send some images or videos of your pets to share with the class.

Time flies indeed.

Stay safe

Mr Jones



Good morning Y5, The weather yesterday was cold and rainy, it felt more like November than the end of April. When I took Chester out for a walk we both got soaked so when we got home I rubbed him as dry as I could with a towel but Chester does not like having damp fur so after I had finished towel drying him he went and sat on his favourite armchair until he was completely dry. He had the hump because he was damp and refused to even look at me, I’m sure he thought it was my fault it was raining! He soon forgave me though for taking him out in the rain because at lunchtime I gave him a tiny piece of cheese to eat. Chester will do anything for cheese, I think he loves cheese more than sausages. Is you have a pet make sure you give them lots of love and attention. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.




Update to the update - I have moved the homework gallery closer to the top of the page. Ask your grown ups if they remember a T.V. programme called Vision On. Each week children would send pictures in for the gallery and they would be shown on the television. (I used to watch it as a child - yes, I was a child at one time! I haven't always had grey hair you know.) Nice to see some more work has been sent, thank-you Chloe and Matilda. I will add all work to our 21st century version of the gallery.




As I sit here looking out of the window at the rain falling on my car I think back to the nice weather we had last week, well yesterday as well. I am not sad though because I think about the saying - April showers bring May flowers. So I had a look on wikipedia and found this:

''The proverb "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers", first recorded in 1886, and the shorter version "April showers bring May flowers" (originally "Sweet April showers/Do spring May flowers", part of a poem recorded in 1610) are common expressions in English speaking countries.''

Try and learn something new everyday.

Mr Jones




The potato was first domesticated in the region of modern-day southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia between 8000 and 5000 BC. It has since spread around the world and become a staple crop in many countries.

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which grew on trees in Central America and South America starting probably about 100 million years ago. Cocoa trees may have gotten their start on the lower slopes of the Andes Mountains. Cocoa trees can only live in hot, rainy places near the Equator.

So, while Ms Murphy is finding Easter eggs in cupboards I dug up a potato in my garden yesterday from last year! A surprise yes, nice surprise? - not as nice as finding some chocolate! So, there you go I have started you off on your Biome work with an example of food crops from the same part of the world.

I hope you have checked out the changes I have made to the Year 5 home page. I will put weekly links in for the activities. You can still find the other activities in their usual place. Don't forget Education City.

Have a good week and stay safe.

Mr Jones



Hello Y5, another week begins. The weather is not going to be so bright, warm and sunny this week so spend some extra time exploring the learning opportunities on our Y5 page. Thank you to everyone who is emailing work as it is wonderful to see what you are doing, if you haven’t sent anything in yet please make it is one of the things you do this week. I had a nice surprise yesterday, I opened a cupboard looking for something and while searching amongst all the stuff in there found an Easter egg that had fallen behind something else. What happened to that Easter egg? Well let’s just say it’s not in the cupboard anymore. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.


I have spent some time looking up the meaning of the word regular. I would normally be getting things ready for school, my regular Sunday activity. I would also have cooked a Sunday lunch and gone for a walk or drive in the countryside. My regular routine on a Saturday would have included taking my daughter to her dancing lessons and going to do some looking around in book shops and art shops. My Friday routine would have been saying good-bye to you all at the end of the day and having a joke with Miss Goldwater about it being Friday.

Do you know why it is important to set a regular routine? We need to keep ourselves busy and occupied. As a result I have put some new links to maths and English activities. Keep as active as you can manage

listen to your grown ups and stay safe.

Mr Jones



So the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing and I am looking out of my window while I have two laptops and my phone on the go trying to solve the problem of fuzzy pdf files. A big thank you to the family that pointed it out - the SPaG page with the grammar work. It is really helpful to hear back from people about how the pages and ideas are working. Please keep us informed and please keep sending work in.

So, guinea pigs or gerbils? In response to the message from one of about which ones to get all I can say is both my children promised to feed, clean ad care for Misty and Tinkerbell and yet my wife and I, mainly my wife I admit, tend to do most of the feeding, cleaning and caring of the little creatures. (I am referring to the guinea pigs, not my children. Though of course we do feed and care for our children... I am sure you understand what I mean.)

Obviously that is not me in the picture at the start of the post, and yes the people should be social distancing. Just and example of multi tasking. Now, where did I leave that biscuit....

Stay safe

Mr Jones



Good afternoon Y5, the sun is shining and the bees are buzzing in my garden. Today is my dog Chester’s second birthday and while he loved his present of a new chew toy (in the shape of a bone) he was not impressed with the birthday card I had made for him and showed his displeasure by running off with it and ripping it to pieces! You would never know he is actually spoilt rotten by my family - I will have to bring him to school one day and show him how beautifully behaved you all are so he can learn from your example. I do love him though even if he can be a cheeky little dog sometimes. I hope you are enjoying exploring all the new learning opportunities on our Y5 page. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



“Flowers don’t tell, they show.” – Stephanie Skeem (American author)

Well I have been busy. Lots of changes on the main Year 5 homework page and more knowledge development of my own when it comes to uploading work and websites for you. I know some of you prefer to learn by sharing ideas and talking through your thoughts but you should also understand that sometimes we have to produce work, the flower in the garden is natures example of work. Please send in your ideas. You may have seen the video clip of the guinea pigs in my back garden - if you have any pets or funny videos of keeping busy send them in. Unfortunately they cannot be too long though as the website won't cope with anything greater than 70 mb.

Look under the Yellow Star section for SPaG activities.

Stay Safe

Mr Jones



Hello Y5, it is a beautiful sunny day so make sure you get outside for your daily exercise. Mr Jones and I spend a great deal of time sourcing and organising interesting learning opportunities to put on our Y5 home learning page so make sure you have a look everyday and email a piece of learning you are particularly proud of to us so we can display it each week.


Chester (my miniature schnauzer dog) is being very mischievous at the moment, when we put the washing out to dry on the line he does everything he can to grab a peg and then he tries to crunch it up and swallow it before we can get it off him! If he does manage to get a peg mayhem ensues as he runs around the garden completely delighted with himself while we chase him trying to get the peg back. He loves this peg game but I don’t and I keep on telling him that if he swallows a peg it will mean a trip to the vet and he won’t like that. Talking of Chester, it is his birthday tomorrow and he will be two years old. He is a naughty, adorable and silly dog but we love him dearly and I plan to make a little dog food birthday cake and put two candles in it (which I will blow out on his behalf). I will also sing Happy Birthday twice - the normal version and our school version that we sing in assembly. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



'A task half done is a task not completed...'

Well that was interesting - We have updated the Year 5 page and added birthdays - apologies for not being able to check my school emails earlier; moved the order of information and links around (I hope Ms Murphy approves); added some work to the gallery (I keep trying different ways to put the work on the web page but the system won't always make it easy for me!); and checked my emails from you and your families. Have a look in the science section for information about germs and viruses. There are also games and videos to watch.

I shall keep checking my emails to see if anyone has sent me work and then I shall post them on the class page. 

Mr Jones



Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II.

The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery and The Honourable Artillery Company perform a 41-round gun salute to mark the Queen's birthday each year. This year the Queen has asked that there is no traditional Gun Salute.

Mr Jones



Please read Ms Murphys message below this post. I have put the link to BBC Bitesize on our page - thank you to Ms Porteous for telling me how to do it. (The wonders of whatsapp.) You know it is important to keep up with your studies. I know these are confusing times - but time once gone can never be taken back. So, who was Plutarch - google it! Or whatever search engine you prefer. Just remember that a friend is there to support you - this may not mean that they always agree with you, quite often the sign of a good friend is someone who will tell you things that you do not want to hear but need to be told. Think of Mina and Michael from Skellig for example.

Now to check out the web for more learning ideas. Keep sending me your work and I will keep putting it up on the class page.

Mr Jones



Good morning Y5, if things had been normal today would have been the first day of the Summer Term. I do hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday and ate some chocolate. Today is an exciting day as the BBC are relaunching BBC Bitesize. Each year group will have three lessons per day - English, Maths and Topic. Please click on the links on our page so that you can access the Bitesize Y5 timetable and each Y5 daily lesson. Try to do the three lessons every day and remember you can email screenshots, images, writing, photos of models etc to us so that we can display them in the Amazing Work section of our page. Our new topic for this half term is Ancient Greece and in our English lessons we would have been learning about Ancient Greek Myths (with a focus for 5M on Jason and the Golden Fleece). Check out our class pages and the topic web for Ancient Greece is on there so you can start doing some research or even build a model of The Parthenon. I know you are all busy working hard and helping out at home. Remember everyone, parents are thrilled when their children make their own beds, tidy their bedrooms, do the washing up or help peg out the washing. Best regards, Miss Murphy.


Do not let the bad weather get you down,

Remember that a rainbow is the same shape as a frown.

It is hard to stay inside when the weather is nice, yesterday raining and today sunny. If you do go out remember to stay at least 2 metres away from anyone who is not in your family or lives in the same house as you. I got very frustrated yesterday because my laptop was being very naughty and I didn't even have a warning sheet to put it on. Anyway three hours later I think I sorted it out. 

Start of week 4. I hope we can all meet up before the summer holidays as it would be nice to see you all again. Just remember that Ernest Shackleton and his crew named their boat The Endurance. We are enduring our own challenging times.

Stay safe.

Mr Jones



Apologies for not posting anything yesterday - I got to reading a book and before I realised what time it was the day had become night and my energy had become something that I had used up. One of my favourite books as a child was Peter Pan. If you want to read the book why not have a look online?


Have you thought of anything impossible today? Don't look on the impossible as something you cannot do - look on it as something you cannot do yet and perhaps you will come up with a way to solve it and make it possible.

Mr Jones


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” (from The Lorax by Dr Seuss)


Another day comes to a close.

Stay safe.

Mr Jones



Well done to all of you that are keeping up with the education city work. Have any of you tried the free ebooks or audio books from oxford owl? To all the grown ups - I know from experience that is is challenging to encourage children to do some work each day during these unusual times, my 11 year old son always seems to have an excuse or a reason as to why the work he has been provided with is not interesting. I hope that from all the work myself and Ms Murphy have provided you can find something to stimulate or interest. 

Keep safe

Mr Jones



As Aunt Lucy said to Paddington.

Mr Jones



'A job is never done if it is only half done.'

Here I am in my kitchen cooking tea - Keema Lamb Curry as it happens, and trying to do add an update to our page. Nice to see Ms Murphy is able to get up and about and sort out the washing. I have been doing the garden today and checking various web pages. I know who has been on education city. I will update th site and activities tomorrow.

The quote -= one of my own. I am trying to do this update and cook. I should stick to one thing at a time as the curry is now burning!

Stay Safe

Mr Jones


Hello Year 5, I hope you had a nice time yesterday enjoying the sunshine. I did lots of washing and put it all out on the line to dry - I am living a very glamorous life! Still, it did keep me busy and once it was done I felt proud of my hard work and had that good feeling you get when you set out to do something and achieve your goal (even if it was a pile of perfectly folded washing). I watched the Queen speaking on television last night and thought her words were encouraging, we are all in this together and we will get through it. Enjoy your holidays as much as you can, always remembering to keep your distance and stay safe. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.




I hope you are all keeping safe and are ready for the third week of school being closed. Strange to think that this would have been the start of the Easter Holiday and you may have had all sorts of plans. Apologies for not posting anything yesterday, too busy making sure that everything at home was organised. Never mind.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, was on TV tonight. I hope you had a chance to watch. We all watched it as a family and listened very closely. 

Stay Safe



"Pass on what you have learned."

Yoda, Star wars

The wisdom we gain in life is a gift to pass along—not to keep to ourselves. Make like Yoda and share your insights with others. Good morning to you all - Yay, Ms Murphy has posted a message. Good morning neighbour. Also nice to hear from Ms Ogden.

Come on Year 5, send in your work and keep up with education city. Does anyone have any ideas for our Ancient Greek topic that you would like me to create a link for in the History section?

Have as good a weekend as you can.

Mr Jones



Good morning everyone in Year 5, I hope this message finds you and your families safe and well. If things were normal today would be the last day of the Spring term. We would have had the exciting results of the Egg Competition in assembly, we would have taken our own toys into school and finished early at 1.30 pm. I always love the end of term - seeing how excited and happy you all get about having a few weeks off school. I will be honest, I am missing school and missing all of you. If you are missing school as well try not to worry because at some point our time inside will end, talk to your family members and keep in contact with your friends using the internet. Thank you to everyone who is sending in school work, I’m so proud of all of you for carrying on with your work in these strange times. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



Dear Year 5,

I am going to write my message to you in two parts as my last one didn't post but I think was because Mr Jones was posting at the same time and it is his and Miss Murphy's web page, I'm just gate crashing....... ;-) xx

Third time lucky........

Hola, Buenos Dias......

This is my third Thursday not teaching you all and I am missing your smiles, laughter and personalities xx

I've been busy doing school work, reading, doing my family tree, enjoying the garden and generally trying to keep positive. The whole experience has certainly given me an even greater respect to Anne Frank.

Remember though, life is cyclical and when this craziness is all over we will have learnt things about ourselves that we didn't know before.

Anyway, love to you all, keep safe, enjoy the Easter holidays, they will be different but I have ordered the sunshine for us all :-)

Take care, love and virtual hugs.

Miss Ogden xx

P.S. Watch out on the web site over the next few days for a challenge I'm setting up.



“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something…You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.” from The Hobbit.

So what do I think the quote means? If you are at a loss for something to do then try something new - you might find you have discovered a new hobby or interest. You might find it was not for you, but at least you tried. The Hobbit is one of my favourite books. Adventure, bravery, adversity, friendship and hope - funny bits, scary bits, battles and wisdom. Why not download it and give it a go? Not the film - the book!

Thank you to Anya, Isaac and Finn for their contributions to the homework page. I miss looking through your Home Learning Journals on a Thursday and being impressed with all the effort you all put in. Nice to see Isaac and Finn are using their creativity as usual. Bottomi? Clever.

Mr Jones



First of April. A new month. Half way through week 2. A Wednesday. My wife's birthday. What is in a title, for today is a day unlike any other day because it has not happened before.

Don't forget to keep sending in your homework. Thank-you Scarlett by the way for your contributions.

Take care of your grown ups because they take care of you.

Mr Jones



Update to the update - YAY video uploaded. You see, mistakes are good!


"You must never feel badly about making mistakes ... as long as you take the trouble to learn from them. For you often learn more by being wrong for the right reasons than you do by being right for the wrong reasons."

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

I am desperately trying to learn how to upload video clips onto the Home Learning page but my school computer doesn't want to play along. Thank you for all the work that is coming in. I really enjoyed Aliza's scratch project - I only wish I could upload it to share with everyone. I keep learning from my mistakes on the web page - this is an interesting time for us all and I only wish I had a better computer, but never mind - upwards and onwards. 

Mr Jones



Good morning everyone, I hope this message finds you safe and well.  I’m keeping busy by finding interesting  websites and learning opportunities for all of you, doing online jigsaw puzzles, playing with Chester, watching programmes and reading books.  My favourite thing about being in lockdown is that I can read as much as I want. Reading has always been one of my favourite ways to relax. When I was a child my Grandma used to say she never saw me without a book in my hand. I love that feeling of getting so focused on a book that it’s hard to put it down because all you want to do is find out what happens next.  I hope you are all reading your books and finding that having more time to read is relaxing. Don’t forget to re-read old favourites as well as new books. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.


From The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien:

“Good Morning!" said Bilbo, and he meant it. The sun was shining, and the grass was very green. But Gandalf looked at him from under long bushy eyebrows that stuck out further than the brim of his shady hat.
"What do you mean?" he said. "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?"
"All of them at once," said Bilbo.

However a good morning is meant, I wish a good morning to all of you at the start of week 2. 

Well done Benji and Renesh for your work samples.

Mr Jones



'How very odd,' said Alice as she read the label on the bottle.

Very odd indeed - I woke up an hour later, or was it an hour earlier (British Summer Time)- to see that it was snowing outside my house. It didn't last for very long. Perhaps you could research why it snows when the sky is clear and let me know.

The people at twinkl have been very busy to help everyone in these unusual times. Check out their site for ideas on how to remain active.

Keep sending us emails of your work and I will keep adding them to the page. I enjoyed reading Isla's pobble 365 story and Isaac's history work. 

Mr Jones


Happy Sunday everyone. The weather has turned colder and I’m snuggled up on my sofa under a blanket watching television programmes on iPlayer.  The clocks went forward one hour last night so this means that from tonight it will get dark later. This is called British Summertime and it lasts until the clocks go backwards one hour at the end of October. I had a text message from Fran yesterday, she is reading our regular updates and wanted me to tell you that she says hello to you all. Kind regards, Miss Murphy


Mr Jones here. We should concentrate on those things we can control and allow others to sort out those things we cannot control - homework for the gallery anyone? I have added two more pieces today. Thanks Finn - the first 5J piece we have received! Apologies to Aliza for the spelling mistake by the way. My fault - I guess I should not be updating the web page at midnight.

To anyone who has a birthday over the next few months (see Ms Murphy's post below) I hope you can have as good a day as will be possible in these unusual times. I also have a family member celebrating her birthday next week - I do not know what will happen but I will try to make it as enjoyable as possible.Remember to look after those you love and care about.

Take care everyone


Hello everyone, I hope this update finds you safe and well. We have been doing home learning for a whole week now and I think everyone is starting to get used to it and get into a routine which is a good thing.  The latest online edition of the children’s newspaper First News has been uploaded into the section of our home learning page called First News.

Today it is the birthday of one of my family members and it is very strange knowing that we will not be celebrating it in the usual way with presents and having our dinner out in a restaurant. Instead I have made a card and baked a small birthday cake. It’s not the same but we will still have a nice day.  If your birthday is over the next few weeks please don’t be disappointed that you cannot have a party with your friends or go out to a restaurant to eat with your family. This time inside will end at some point and when that happens you can have your birthday celebration - it will just be a little later than normal.  You will be like the Queen - she has two birthdays - her real one in April and her extra one in June (in June there is a special birthday parade for the Queen called Trooping the Colour, look it up online). Be good and kind everyone and listen to your parents. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



Thought for the day: If we do not understand ourselves - how can we expect to understand others?

Can I please direct you to Mr McLoughlin's homework page for everyone. I am looking forward to seeing your Easter Egg Entries. You can find out how to enter them on Mr McLoughlin’s homework page for everyone.

Two more pieces of work have been sent in and put on the relevant Year 5 page. COME ON 5J - let me see what you have been up to.

Mr Jones



Thought for the day: We are known by the actions we show others.

I am happy to see that Chester is being kept active. I hope that you are all coping well and a day does not go by without you in my thoughts.  

Check out the home learning gallery - SAUSAGE ROLLS! Wow - they do look scrummy indeed. Well done Benji. Unfortunately I cannot open the messages sent from i-phone or text, so apologies if they haven't gone on the Year Group page.

5J - do you have anything to share for the gallery?

Mr Jones



Hello Year 5, I hope this update finds you safe and well. There is now a link to a fantastic website called The Literacy Shed in the Writing section of our home learning page. We know how much many of you enjoy writing and this website is full of short films with related writing activities.  We have also added a Science section to our home learning page and this includes links to the Science and Natural History Museums.  My dog Chester cannot understand why I’m not taking him to the park to play with his dog friends. I’m making sure he is kept busy by doing fun things such as putting a few of his favourite treats in a milk bottle and leaving him to figure out how to get them out. He is enjoying himself in my garden - his current favourite toy is an old flower pot! If you have a pet make sure you give them lots of attention, playtime and cuddles. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



Hello Year 5 - it seems every time I log onto the school site someone has been busy re-arranging things. Just to let you know I have put some more activities into Education City (Spanish and Living Things). Check out the offer from audible books:


I have put some samples of work into the gallery. I love the idea of the egg solar system.


Ms Murphy is right you know - read below. 


Hello to everyone in Year 5. I hope you are safe and well. I can see lots of you are keeping very busy.  Please remember to be kind and listen to your parents. It is a very strange time in the world at the moment, if you have any worries or questions talk to your parents so that they can answer your questions or reassure you.  I know it is hard having to stay indoors when the weather is so nice but it is very important that we all follow the Government advice about only going out once each day for some exercise. If you are lucky enough to have a garden then use it as much as you can. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.



Well done to everyone in Year 5 who is visiting our page and making use of all the resources on it to get started on their home learning. Try to spread out what you are doing throughout the day as this will give you a routine and keep you occupied. Kind regards, Miss Murphy.