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On Saturday 11th January 2020, our girls table tennis team attended, The Jack Petchey London Schools’ Table Tennis Finals. Fox Primary were the decisive winners of the round-robin event as they defeated both Whitings Hill Primary and Christchurch Primary 8-0.

So dominant were the squad of Hayat Osseiran-Pistecky, Daphne Beebe, Isabella Turner-Samuels and Esme Brady-Rogerson that they only dropped one set between them in the whole competition, which Shannon Alderman of Whitings Hill took off Beebe.

The play-off between Whitings Hill and Christchurch for the silver medal was a close match, which Whitings shaded 5-3. The tie was poised at 2-2 when Alderman put her team in front for the first time, and Millie Shukru extended the lead by winning in five sets against Anastasia Malyarenko. Mona Haji then made it 5-2 to secure the silver medal for Whitings Hill, whose squad was completed by Harleigh Clarke.