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On the 1st March we had our Pupil Panel meeting. The topics for discussion were:

  • Behaviour in the school.
  • The school website.

The children discussed different methods of behaviour management in their classes, and what worked well. Most classes have their own reward methods, including DoJo's, raffle tickets, table points and raffle tickets. These run alongside the school behaviour systems house points and the use of warning sheets.

The children thought that overall behaviour in class was good.


Issues that the children thought needed attention were:

  • Movement in to school in the morning, particularly children riding bikes and scooters in to school, causing problems. It was suggested that signs went up, asking all children to dismount at the gate and walk their bikes or scooters in.
  • Children being rude or not following instructions given by the MTS at lunchtime. Some children need to be reminded about the correct way to speak to all adults within the school.
  • The issue of rushing in the dinner hall was discussed. This can lead to children running to get out quickly, and children not clearing up properly. Mrs Patel has already spoken to the children about this issue in assembly.


We then had a look at the pupil questionnaire. The panel thought the questions on it were fine, but suggested we add a question about how many children use the website, and a question about whether school equipment is treated with respect. 


The meeting finished with a discussion about the web site. Of the 9 children present,6 said they used the web site. The main areas they looked at were: Class pages, Home Page and the Kida Zone.

The reasons the children gave for going on the web site were to look at the work different classes were doing, to check the latest news and to play some of the games.


The things they liked most were:

  • Being able to check the menu for school dinners.
  • Being able to get homework.
  • Looking at class pages.
  • Finding out information to help with their learning.