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Our first day in Year 4!

We’ve had a fantastic first day in Turquoise class. Sam and I have been so impressed with the children’s behaviour and positive attitude towards being back in school. We’ve been busy! We started by talking through our class rules and expectations, the children are very keen to earn certificates and prizes! We played a game of ‘Find someone who...’ This involved the children walking around the classroom to find someone who matched particular statements i.e. find someone who has the same number of siblings as you. Next we did some writing about what treasures we would like to find in year 4. It was great hearing about what the children are looking forward to – check out the picture of our first class display! We also completed a number challenge and the children showed off their Spanish skills. In the afternoon we painted pictures of our favourite summer memory and then enjoyed some games and just dance for golden time. A brilliant start to the year!