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Stickman Activities

• Family Tree – Make a Family Tree of all the people who live in your house.
1 Make or draw a tree
2 Draw pictures or take photos of each member of your family that live in your house.
3 Stick these onto your tree.
• Puppets - Draw a picture of each family member and then cut it out. Stick it to a pencil, spoon or stick to make a puppet. Can you use these puppets to make up a story or sing the Family finger song with them.
• Take a photo – Use a camera or smart phone to take a family photo. Put the family members in order from shortest to tallest.
• Stick man family – Make a Stick man’s family out of sticks you find in the garden or when you are out and about. Use sticks Sello tape and string. They will need 2 arms 2 legs and a head. Can you make Stick man bigger than the children?
  • Stick race- Can you have a stick race in water using watering cans, drain pipes and ramps. See whose stick flows fastest in the water.
  • Talk about the Seasons and how the Seasons about how the Seasons changed in the story. What Season are we in now? Share the winter power point .

Episode 5 - Stick Man | Kids Yoga for Children by Little Yoga Stars

Little Yoga Stars brings you the Stick Man yoga story. In this episode we bring the Stick Man story to life through yoga poses.