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October 2019

October 2019


Time is flying by, it only seems like five minutes since I was welcoming the children to 5M and here we are already into our second month.  All the children are now settled into their new class routines and are fully aware of the high learning and behaviour expectations required of them.  


The vast majority of the children have been enjoying the changes and challenges moving into year five has bought them. Many of the children in 5M have become school council representatives and this means they will lead one of our school council meetings that take place each week. They also have to attend a weekly meeting to find out what they will be presenting to their group that week, it is a big commitment and I’m very proud of the children for taking on this responsibility.  


A continuing focus for this year is developing the children's comprehension skills across all genres (fiction, non fiction, play scripts, explanation, poetry and instruction texts). Each week in group guided reading sessions I spend time with every child questioning them on and discussing what we have read as a group.


We are participating in our first theme week of this academic year this month.  The focus of this week is celebrating the ten year anniversary of the opening of the new Whitings Hill Primary School building.  Barnet Hill Primary School (one form entry) and Whitings Hill Primary School (one form entry) amalgamated to create a new two form entry primary school and everyone moved into our current building in September 2009.


Events for October include Parents Evening later this month and our first family reading session  dates for both events are on our school calendar.


Thank you for your support, it has helped get this school year off to a great start.