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Friday 1st October

This week we will be exploring the book ‘Mess Monsters’ by Beth Shoshan. The story reinforces the importance of looking after our toys and equipment and tidying up after we have finished playing. The children have been working hard to develop this skill and will learn about how they can have an effect on improving our environment, pollution and recycling. Continuing with this theme the children have had fun creating some brilliant pieces of Monster art as well as learning the Mess Monster song.


School Library

We will visit the school library each week and the children will choose their library book to keep at home for a week. Please return the book on the designated day – Pearl and Jade on Thursday


Friday 8th October 

This week we have been looking at the book, ‘Oh No, George!’ by Chris Haughton.  It’s about a dog and what he gets up to while his owner is out.  We asked the children to think about the following questions. Do you look after your things at home?  Do you look after each others things at home? The book will help the children to think about making the right choices; that it is ok to make a mistake and what to do if something goes wrong. We have loved seeing the pictures, on Tapestry of you and your pets. 


Class Fund

Please could we ask all parents to donate 50p a week to cover the cost of disposable items ie: cooking ingredients and play dough.


Friday 15th October

This week we continued with the theme pets and looked at the story ‘Six Dinner Sid’ by Inga Moore. Sid is a cat who fools six neighbours on one street into thinking that he is their cat, in order to get six dinners. We discussed how Sid has made his owners feel. The children drew pictures of their pet or their favourite animal. They thought of how the story could be continued and had a go at some creative writing.


Friday 22nd October


This week the children explored the book, ‘Ruby’s Worries’ by Tom Percival. Through the book we explored the character Ruby’s emotions and the reasons and events that take place to affect these. The children did some lovely writing about Ruby and what might be worrying her. We will continue to look at the story Ruby’s Worry after half term. The children will be creating their own worry monsters using collage materials.


In celebration of Black History Month we looked at different African Art. The children made amazing African masks.