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Friday 6th November

This week we have been exploring the book ‘Mess Monsters’ by Beth Shoshan. The story reinforces the importance of looking after our toys and equipment and tidying up after we have finished playing. The children have been fantastic at working hard to develop this skill and learnt what a positive effect can have on improving our environment, pollution and recycling. Continuing with this theme the children had fun creating some brilliant pieces of Monster and made posters and cool traps to stop the Mess Monsters from messing up their classroom.


Friday 13th November 

This week we looked at the story of ‘Rama and Sita’. The children re-enacted the story, drew pictures of the characters and created Rangoli patterns, using repeated shape patterns and created divas with the play dough and gems. We asked the children to share how they celebrate Diwali at home with their families. We also talked about Bonfire night – made firework pictures and talked about firework safety.

Next week we will be focusing on the book “Naughty Bus”. We will be reading and talking about the story, painting roads and trucks, role playing the story and making buses.

Friday 20th November

This week the children looked at the book, ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan & Jerry Oke. We read the story and created the Naughty Bus’ next adventure. The children created story maps, sequenced the order of events and created their own Naughty Bus adventure. The children also took part in creating scenes from the Naughty Bus story and junk model vehicles in the art area.

Next week we will focus on how to be a good friend and what this looks like. We will explore these topics through the story ‘On Sudden Hill’ – a story about two friends who always play on Sudden Hill with their boxes that they make into vehicles and dens. But what happens when a third person wants to play? The children will explore their imaginative ideas and act out the story by role playing with boxes.

In Maths we have been learning exploring number to 10. We have practicing recognising, counting objects, and matching number to quantity to 10.


Friday 27th November

This week we started to look at the story called ‘On Sudden Hill’. The children have been really enjoying turning boxes and containers into new creations. We had fire engines, buses, rockets, drums, monsters and trains! Also, they enjoyed making friendship bracelets for one another. During Numeracy we’ve been ordering numbers to 5. 

Next week we will continue the story ‘On Sudden Hill’. The children will take part in role play and talk about how the characters feel in certain parts of the book. In Literacy the children will experience recording for a purpose and write notes and letters for their friends.