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November 2020

Creating thank you cards and Haikus for N.H.S

Demi demonstrates maths

tt rockstars awards

Performing our Tankas

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Creating a poetry anthology - haiku

performing haiku

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out door pe - keeping active with mr gordon

13 November 2020

Children in Need Day

Thanks on behalf of children and carers everywhere for your contributions to the charity.

Pandora said to use diet coke - I bought sugar free. Oh well

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Armistice Day

The children showed the upmost respect for the people who have lost their lives in conflicts, for the families of the deceased and the veterans of the armed services. The children remained silent throughout the class based Remembrance Service. 

same yeast, same sugar, same water - different results!

feeding yeast - it didn't work!

Feeding yeast v2.0 --- it worked this time! Why?

Solution investigation

3/11/20. Welcome back after the half-term break. Here I am again talking about the weather - it looks as though the weather will remain unsettled and a big drop in temperature. Coats and hats, gloves (and scarfs?) - if you could try and put your child's name on any items of clothing it does help a lot when the items get lost and then found.


5/11/20  In PSHE we are thinking about the theme of RESPECT. The children have been asked to explain what that idea means to them. In these times respect is perhaps more important - towards each other and towards strangers.