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29th November 2019

This week we started to look at the story called ‘On Sudden Hill’. The children have been really enjoying turning boxes and containers into new creations. We had fire engines, buses, rockets, drums, monsters and trains! During Numeracy we’ve been discussing what is heavier/lighter than and balancing. 

Next week we will continue the story ‘On Sudden Hill’. The children will take part in role play and talk about how the characters feel in certain parts of the book. In Literacy the children will experience recording for a purpose and write notes and letters for their friends. They will also explore texture and material as they make friendship bracelets for one another.


22nd November 2019

This week the children continued looking at the book, ‘Ruby’s Worries’ by Tom Percival. Through the book we explored the character Ruby’s emotions and the reasons and events that take place to affect these. The children wrote lovely letters to Ruby giving her strategies on what to do if something is worrying her.

On Monday the children made delicious healthy smoothies which they all tasted. Thank you so much for your weekly contributions that make experiences like this possible.

Next week we will focus on how to be a good friend and what this looks like. We will explore these topics through the story ‘On Sudden Hill’ – a story about two friends who always play on Sudden Hill with their boxes that they make into vehicles and dens. But what happens when a third person wants to play? The children will explore their imaginative ideas and act out the story by role playing with boxes. If you have any large cardboard or junk model boxes at home please bring them in to school. Please ensure they do not contain traces of nuts.

Who took Ella & the Trophy this week?

15th November 2019

This week the children explored the book, ‘Ruby’s Worries’ by Tom Percival. Through the book we explored the character Ruby’s emotions and the reasons and events that take place to affect these. The children did some lovely writing about Ruby and what might be worrying her. They also painted amazing self-portraits, looking carefully at their skin tone and mixing the primary colours with white till they made a matching skin tone. The children thoroughly enjoyed mixing the colours and there were lots of lovely discussions about how to make the different skin tones.


My Special Object

Next week we will continue this theme so your child can bring in a special object from home that they would like to talk about to their friends. Please make sure the object is in a box with their name written on.

8th November 2019

This week we looked at the story of ‘Rama and Sita’. The children re-enacted the story, drew pictures of the characters and created Rangoli patterns, using repeated shape patterns and created diyas with the play dough and gems. Thank you so much to Janeil’s mum, Param’s family and Gauraansh’s mum who came in and shared how they celebrate Diwali at home with their families. We also talked about Bonfire night – made firework pictures and talked about firework safety.

Next week is Anti-bullying week. The slogan this year is, ‘Friendship week.’ On Wednesday 13th November, the children are welcome to wear odd socks to school to help raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Week. Odd Socks Day is a fun opportunity for children to express themselves and appreciate individuality. On Friday 15th November, we are also having a pyjama day for Children in Need and asking for £1 contribution

Who took Ella this week?🐒🐒

1st November 2019

This week we looked at the Story ‘Room on the Broom.’  The children were role playing the story, drawing their favourite characters and making spells. They visited the wooded area to collect sticks and made their own wands and magic potions. 


Next week we will be learning about Diwali – the Hindu Festival of Light.  We will be recreating Rangoli patterns through drawing, painting and soft play blocks. We will listen to the story of Rama and Sita and make diva lamps from playdough and decorative materials. We would like to invite parents to come and talk about how you celebrate Diwali. Please talk to the Reception Class staff if you are available to do so.


Who took Ella & the Trophy?