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The children have arrived safe and well. They have been taken along to their camp, they have had fajitas for lunch and are now sitting around the camp fire getting to know their tribal leader. All is well. More news to follow

Tuesday: Everyone is really well. It is a bit cold, but the children are being well looked after. Today they are learning how to use cutting tools and building fires. The mobile phone signal is very poor, but messages are getting through to us. More news later.

Wednesday Year 6 had a great day yesterday. They made fires and cooked lamb kebabs for lunch. They have had a chance to explore the woods. Some of them made shelters, which they slept in over night!! For dinner they had goat curry - don't worry the vegetarians have been well fed too.

Everyone is fine and they are enjoying outdoor life!

Ms Patel will visit them this evening and bring back some photos which we will upload tomorrow morning.


The children had a swim in the lake yesterday, only Mr McLoughlin was brave enough to jump in, the other teachers opted out!! It was a once in a lifetime 'freezing' experience.

The children made their own pizzas for lunch and cooked them in a wood fired oven. Mrs Ellis enjoyed tasting a variety of pizzas - she does love her food!

In the afternoon the children did some archery and played woodland games. It was lovely to see all the children and staff yesterday evening. They all sat around the campfire in the evening and had a meditation session - very calming. They are all well and have embraced outdoor life. One more sleep and they will be back home with lots to tell you. Here are some pictures from Bushcraft.


Another very busy day yesterday, with lots of interesting things happening. The children had to rescue the teachers from a plane crash!!

Mrs Wilson & Mrs Ellis had to eat raw fish eyes - they said they were a bit chewy! Who knows why, I am sure we will find out when they return.

The children learnt wilderness survival techniques, which included camouflaging themselves in the woods. For lunch they panassed a salmon? The evening ended with a very entertaining 'Tribes got Talent' show.

Today is the last morning at Bushcraft. They are due to depart at 2 pm. We will send regular text updates during the afternoon, but are aiming for a 4.30pm return to school. The coach will park on the Quinta Drive entrance to the school.