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Year 6 School Journey - Day 4

In other news, the children received a special visitor last night when Mrs Patel, after finishing her day at work, drove all the way here to see us. She arrived during dinner and was greeted with a huge cheer from the  children when she walked in, she must have felt like a celebrity. I think it was a reassuring reminder of home for everyone. Elicia took Mrs Patel on a tour of the rooms and she was very impressed with the calm atmosphere among the children.

It isn't getting any easier to wake up at 6.30am and it took a big longer to round everyone up for breakfast this morning but we eventually got across to the dining block to tuck into another cooked breakfast with cereal and toast galore.

Thus fortified for the day, we set off to confront Jacob's Ladder and Orienteering. It was amazing to see the bravery and determination of our children as they worked with a partner to haul themselves up the very wobbly, giant ladder steps and the feelings of pride and achievement when they overcame their fears. Nicol in 6B managed to get the highest up, reaching the 8th rung all by herself after her partner couldn't go any further - a truly impressive feat.

Lunch was the usual hearty fare and then we retired to our rooms to get out of the sun for a while (it's another glorious day on the Suffolk coast - we have been truly blessed with the weather this week). 

After our short break, it was straight back to business with a games session and a Coastal Walk. I really jinxed things with the weather comment earlier because at around 3pm it started to rain - not torrential but a steady drizzle.

That wasn't enough to dampen the children's enthusiasm and the afternoon activities continued as normal.

Some of the children have been complaining about sore throats today which might be a result of the loud singing they've been doing as they move around the site. And there's sure to be more singing tonight at the disco! During dinner this evening, all the talk was about what they were wearing and who they'd be dancing with.

The disco itself was a roaring success with the children dressed up to the nines and showing off their best dance moves. One and a half hours of energetic dancing made the adults tired just watching.

And so we've come to our final sleep on school journey and we'll see you all tomorrow. Hopefully the children will return to you wiser or having learned something new, maybe even something about themselves. They might realise that they can survive a week without TV, phones and the various other digital accoutrements of the modern age and still have fun. At the very least, we hope they will take with them precious memories of happy times with friends.

I'd like to thank Mrs Abdel All, Mrs Hayhoe, Mrs Neighbour and Mrs Wilson for their tireless support of the children throughout the week. They have willingly put their own family commitments on hold to take the children away on school journey and no task has been too much for them while we've been here. Your children really were in safe hands. Let's hope they and the children have a restful half term - I think they might need it.

And finally, thanks to you parents for raising such wonderful children. We've truly had ball with them this week.

This is Bawdsey Manor signing off.