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Year 6 School Journey - Day 3

The plan to get everyone to sleep early last night worked... mostly! However, 6.30am comes around very quickly when you're 11 (and even when you're slightly older like the adults in the group). It's Connor's birthday today and we did allow him a 5 minute lie-in but he was soon up and ready too. We sang Happy Birthday to him on the stairs waiting to go for breakfast. Sausages today  (vegetarian and meat) with egg and plenty of toast and cereal. The perfect way to start the day.

After breakfast, the teachers carried out their daily room inspection  (there are prizes at stake!). The rooms are surprisingly tidy, just the odd stray sock or sweet wrapper while some rooms have taken it to an art form with their creative presentation e.g. toothpastes lined up in size order.

The morning activities included the Sensory Trail, a Beach Walk and Buggy Building. Lunch was meatballs, including vegetarian 'meatballs' and tortilla chips. A second visit to the shop was scheduled for after lunch and the children were able to spend all the rest of their money that was burning a hole in their pockets. 

After a short break in their rooms, it was back outside for more excellent adventures, including fencing, archery and aeroball (basketball on trampolines). That was quite enough to work up an appetite for dinner (sausages, chicken nuggets, vegetarian canneloni with mashed potatoes or chips). After dinner, we presented Connor with his birthday brownie cake, especially made by Mrs Hayhoe and it was great to see his smiling face as he blew out the candles and he was treated to a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, our evening activity was a game of rounders. The one and a half hour game was thrilling and eventually ended in a draw although Team 1 were eventually declared winners on the number of home runs.

The children retired to their rooms then and after showering, went to bed tired but happy. No problems getting them to settle down tonight - they were sound asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow.

We've all settled into our daily routine now and it's amazing to see how much the children are getting out of it. The only problem is that time seems to be speeding up and before we know it we'll have to get back to real life but we're enjoying it while we can.