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Year 6 School Journey - Day 2

There were a few tired children this morning when they got their wake-up call at 6.30am but after an excellent breakfast of bacon, omelette, a choice of cereals and as much toast as we could eat, everyone had perked up and we were ready for the day ahead. 

Activities started at 9am and our 5 groups set off to try out everything from the Giant Swing to Abseiling and the Trapeze. Over lunch, the general feeling was that the Giant Swing was the best (if you call being hauled 30 feet into the air sitting in a very uncomfortable harness and then being dropped, fun).

After lunch, we had two more one and a half hour sessions of Survivor and the Challenge Course. When we arrived back at the centre, it was time for our first shopping trip (to the PGL shop on site). There was great excitement as the children re-stocked their snack reserves. Many of them treated themselves to an ice-cream which was especially refreshing after such a beautiful, warm day at Bawdsey Manor.

Dinner was next and you can see a picture of the menu below. After eating, we decided to give the children 45 minutes of downtime in their rooms to relax. 

That just whizzed by and in no time at all, we were off out again for a riotous game of Capture the Flag (one and a half hours of it!) Early night tonight I think. We'll let you know how that goes. 

The good news is that everyone is safe and well and enjoying themselves greatly. They've all been really good and impressed us with how they've had a go at all the activities. We can't believe that two days have passed already. And there is no bad news.