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Year 6 School Journey - Day 1

The children were really excited leaving school and they could hardly wait to get to...McDonalds! We actually arrived at McDonalds exactly on schedule at 11.30am and we were very impressed to find that everyone's order was ready for them in a bag labelled with their name. This was a really nice way to begin our adventure.

After eating, we were ready for the final leg of our journey along the country lanes to Bawdsey Manor. The children were very impressed when they saw it and were really looking forward to exploring the house and finding out where they would be sleeping. Before that we had to unload the coach and play a few games to familiarise ourselves with our new surroundings.

Finally, the children were shown to their rooms and they spent some time unpacking and of course visiting everyone else's room. Then it was down for dinner where they could choose from lasagne, fish-fingers or vegetarian nuggets. There were vegetables and plenty of salad to go with it and everyone had a doughnut and a piece of fruit if they wished.

After dinner, we gathered round the camp-fire to sing songs and listen to stories while we snacked on toasted marshmallows.

Everyone was in bed by 10pm although they weren't quite ready to sleep yet. They have an early start in the morning as our breakfast is scheduled for 7.15am. The teachers will have to set their alarms!