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Year 6 School Journey 2019 - Day 3.

I don't know what the weather's been like in Barnet but it is absolutely glorious here. We woke up to beautiful sunshine and clear skies again. I'm thinking of holidaying in sunny Liddington if this is the sort of weather they get here.


A hearty breakfast is the only way to prepare for a day of running about and climbing stuff and that's just what we got this morning - sausages, mushrooms and beans were on the menu.


Canoeing was on the activity menu for everyone today and we had a great time messing about in boats. The highlight was a game of canoe zombie tag (I know - who knew such a thing existed?) which involved us paddling around chasing after each other, making zombie noises. Most of the children escaped getting wet although a few couldn't resist jumping in at the end. Come on parents, have a guess - was it your child do you think?


The morning simply whizzed by and before long, it was time for lunch. Today has been a high calorie sort of day with wraps or tacos filled with BBQ chicken and rice or mild spicy beef and rice accompanied by tortilla chips, for lunch. The kids seemed to love it and it gave us that extra boost to carry us through the afternoon activities.


After a last visit to the shop, we had Sports and Team Games as well as everyone's favourite, the Giant Swing. The children showed exceptional teamwork hauling their friends high into the air before laughing at the look of horror on each other's faces when they dropped and started to swing. That is the height of fun when you're 11 years old!


The calorie boost then continued with a dinner of Beef Lasagne or Chicken Nuggets served with chips and veg. Dessert was a real blast from the past - Banana Angel Delight! I didn't know it still existed.


This was followed by the second half of our epic football match which again ended in a draw. I guess it's extra time tomorrow then. At 7.30pm, it was time for an hour and a half of Capture the Flag which involved lots more high speed running. It's lucky that the children have been in training for the last month with our Year 6 Daily Mile Run. It must be paying off because they haven't flagged at all. Then it was back to our rooms for showers and bed. By 10pm, lights were out and there wasn't a peep from any of the rooms. I'm sure the children are dreaming of another big day tomorrow filled with exciting activities and, most important of all, our LAST NIGHT DISCO!