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Year 6 School Journey 2019 - Day 2.

Everyone had a good night's sleep on their first night away from home. The teachers did discover a roomful of boys still awake and talking in the dark at 11pm. Listening carefully at the door, we realised they were having a Maths quiz. It seemed a shame to have to ask these budding mathematicians to stop but they needed their rest. It did make the teachers quite proud though!


Our breakfast was scheduled for 7:20am so we had to start waking the children at around 6:30. To be fair to them, they all got up without a grumble. It really makes some of us feel our age when you see them jumping out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for a new day. For breakfast there was as much cereal as you could eat, yoghurt, toast, croissants, muffins and pancakes.


After eating, the children went back to their rooms to tidy them up for room inspections. After half an hour, a team of room inspectors (the teachers) took their clipboard  into each of the rooms in turn, giving them marks out of ten for neatness. They were actually very impressive, most of the rooms were clean and very well organised. You've obviously taught them well parents.


The first activities of the day were Climbing, Vertical Challenge (basically a vertical obstacle course), Challenge Course (a more horizontal obstacle course) or the Crate Challenge (stacking crates and climbing on them). The most gratifying thing about this year's Year Six is that they throw themselves wholeheartedly into every activity so they're loving all of it.


Lunch was jacket potato or rice with various toppings and then we had our first visit to the shop. Exciting times. The afternoon activities were Trapeze, which involved climbing up an 8 metre pole and jumping from a platform to grap a bar dangling a metre away - everyone had a really good go at it and Archery.


After that it was time for dinner - meatballs or cottage pie. After eating, we celebrated a very special occasion - Aadam's birthday. We sang a raucous version of Happy Birthday to him and shared some chocolate cakes.


This was  followed by an opportunity for chill-out time. Of course that would be too relaxing for our children and a massive football match broke out which was a lot of fun. Then we had the PGL Sports Night playing various fun sports in teams. Thus ended another full-on day and they're bound to sleep well tonight... aren't they?